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  1. IMA Z06

    "thanks C4c5specialist"

    Paul, You contribute so much every day to so many forums. Lets all give thanks to such a tireless person.......... Paul you are "The Man" :dance :Twist :upthumbs Thx, Steve
  2. IMA Z06

    Congrats CARTEK!!!

    "Brent, Mark, Bill, Robert and Les win the first five places in the Breathless shoot o Big thanks to Ernie from Breathless for this fun event. Big thanks and congratulations to Brent, Mark, Bill, Bliss and Les for attending and wining the first five places of this event. Best ET was 10.99...
  3. IMA Z06

    East Coast Installer ???

    Can anyone recomend a best place to have Ati-Procharger installed and tuned in Ny/Nj/CT/Ma. area......... Tia, Steve
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