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    Help! Leaking fuel injector

    I am having problems with my 1990 L-98. The fuel pressure leaks down to zero within 1 hour after shutting down. I have replaced the fuel pump and the pressure regulator. I am sure it is not either of above since I pinched the fuel lines at the tank and still have the leak down. The manual...
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    Help! tach inaccurate?

    I think the tach on my 1990 L-98 reads too high, it will rev way beyond the red line, speedometer is still climbing. I have never kept accelerating until the "rev limiter" engages. My question, is there an adjustment, or where should I look to correct the problem? It idles at indicated 1400...
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    Help! 1990 corvette runs terrible, slow as 1960 vw, mayhbe not quite.

    My 1990 Corvette standard started running sluggish 1 year or so ago. It only has 38,500 miles. Engine will rev to 6000, but not rapidly. I have changed plugs, plug wires, tested module, coil, new cap and rotor. Fuel pump was changed in June, the new one was changed because the check valve was...
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    Help! dashboard

    I need to change the driver information switch on my 1990 c4 Does the plastic faceplate around radio, ac controls and driver switch just pop off? I have been prying gently and the upper portion is loosening but nothing happening around radio HELP
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    Help! fuel pump related

    I have a 1990 base coupe (red) 6 speed, 37400 miles. Problem is fuel pump, when turning key on, pressure instantly climbs to 45 lbs, then drops instantly when fuel pump stops. Car will run after long cranking. I checked pressure at the tank outlet and the same occurs, pressure instantly climbs...
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