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  1. hthsbd

    Volume of air from my fan blower on my 97 C5

    I am curious if it is just my C5 blower fan on my AC. The fan runs on all speeds, but the volume of air coming from the vents is very minimal. My AC is cooling fine, but when it gets really hot, there is not enough volume of air coming from the fan to cool the car. Any ideas what could be the...
  2. hthsbd

    High whining noise on my 97 C5

    Can anyone give me any thoughts on this high whining sound I hear on my 1997 C5 when I stop at a red light or stop sign? It doesn't do it all the time. But it is like a high whine that goes up and down. The auto tranny is shifting fine and all my temps are good. Maybe this is a normal sound that...
  3. hthsbd

    New Member

    Hello I am a new owner of a 1997 C5 Coupe. Love your website and all the information! Keep it coming! Thanks hthsbd
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