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    need perfect 68 69 front clip

    Need a perfect front clip to rebuild a use to be perfect car.
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    need fiberglass front and rear bumpers

    need fiberglass bumpers for a autocross 84. any repairable condition.
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    1976 Coupe for sale

    http://www.eornccc.org/salecars.htm link is to our NCCC East Ohio regional website. I posted it for a friend that needs to sell the car I put it together for him when he had a job. contact me for full info ZZ5 Fast burn motor.
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    76 seatbelt light

    The seatbelt light stays on even when the buzzer goes off in the wiring diagram there is a timer does any one know where it is, or is it replaceable
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    transistor ignition 68

    Has any one else had a problem hooking up a electronic tack to a transistor ignition. The tack doesn't seem to recognize the pulses of the coil trigger. None of my diagnostic equipment works either.
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