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    Tansmission tunnel insulation

    Is it possible to install the transmission tunnel insulation with out removing the transmission or engine? It looks like you could cut a slot on the lest side up to the shifter hole and then slide it around. Has anyone ever tried this? It is p/n 633565 in the attached picture.
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    Front Wheel alignment

    Just got back from the alignment shop after finishing my total suspention re-work. The rear wheels came in just fine. They had trouble on the front. The left from camber is .2 negative and they had no more shims to take out. The right is set to .3 positive camber. I thnk my real issue is...
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    Before & After

    I just wanted to say thanks for everyones help. I have never taken on a project of this magnitude but it is all coming together with advice I have receved here. To many items to list.... Transmission cover, oil pan, power steering, upper & lower control arm bushings, sway bar, ball joints, tie...
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    Oil Pump

    I am working on a leaking rear main. This is from a 74, 454 engine. I have the oil pump out and was going to replace the nylon bushing on the shaft. I do not have one to replace. I am attaching picture of the pump just after removal. What do I have here? Do I need the nylon bushing? or is...
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    Rear Main Seal

    I am about to replace the two part rear main seal on this 75 - 454. The instructions have one point that I don't understand and hope someone can give me some advice. The step in the instructions I don't understand is: Apply a thin, even coat of anaerobic sealer to the ends of the seal and...
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    Power steering rebuild.

    Just finnished the rebuild of the control valve on the power steering. Could not fine one of the torque specs. When you re-assemble the two halfs of the control valve what should be the torque on the two bolts? Second question: What is the significance to the instruction that has you...
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    Oil Pan advice needed

    Need advice from some seasoned person. Let me give you some background first. Bought the car Oct. My plan was 1st winter do suspention/brakes/steering & rubber parts. 2nd winter engin/tran & interior 3rd winter paint. Drive it in the good weather. Engine make a lot of horse power and does...
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    Missing Part

    While working on the front suspention, I noticed what I think is a missing part on the front of the transmision bell housing. I can see the flywheel by just looking toward the the rear of the car. I am sure this is wrong. I will attach a picture of what I think is mising. I am calling it a...
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    Remove Lower control arm

    OK before I tear somting up. I am replacing the front control arm bushings. Have removed everthing from the lower control arm. The bolt that goes thru the control arm in the rear of the control arm (side with just one bolt) attachment to the frame. Is this bolt threaded into the control arm...
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    Remove front upper control arm-- Easy question

    I am replacing the front control arm busings on my 74. I have everything off the control arms. The upper control arm will not clear the engine block as I slide it off the bolts. The question is " are the bolts that go thru the control arm welded to the frame?" Should I be able to slide the...
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    Cowl Induction on a 74

    Can anyone tell me if a cowl induction air cleaner(base, rubber ring, etc) from a 74 350cuid engine also fits a 454 cuid? My 74 has orginal qjet and orginal intake. Looking for the correct air cleaner.
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    Left side right side Symmetry

    Need expert opinion. I was looking at my 74 convertible and noticed the Body as it relates to the location of the tires is not the same on the right side as the left. I measured from a reference point on the wheel rim to the body and the right side is 1/2 inch closer then the left. It is...
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    rear end help needed

    I have completed the rear end rebuild but am not happy with the result. Need help understanding what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. When I got the car back on the ground the tail seem to high. I have several photos to help in understanding the problem. What was done . New...
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    Astro Vent drain??? Plumbing

    I am working in the back end of my 74 convert. The vent behind the convertible top has 2 holes about 1 inch in diameter in the bottom of the vent pan. I am sure they are to let water out. My question is " What is connected to the holes?" On my car there is nothing connected to the holes...
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    Body Mount #4

    Trying to replace the rubber in Body Mount #4 on my 74 Conv. The bolt turns with easy. The nut must be turning free. I do not see any access to the nut. From the parts catalog it looks like the nut is susposed to be in a cage. What is the trick here ? How do I get access to the nut, to...
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    Rear Crossmember Cushion

    I am reassembling after replacing the differential cover. I did not take note of the spacing on the rear cross-member bushing.-- to rear frame. See attached picture. It looks wrong to me (too large about 1/8 inch) but I have nothing to compare it to. I have taken it apart and reassembled...
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    Spring & Shock advice

    I am on the assembly side of my C3 project and am at the point where I need to make some decisions about the rear spring & shocks. I have restored everything aft of the drivers seat. The front is still original and a next year project. What I want is a good driving machine but not a high...
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    Help with Battery Box

    The battery box behind the drivers seat needs some attention. This is a 74 convert. and in the battery box is just a battery and the 2 cables. It seems to me that there should be some sort of hardware to hold the battery in place. 1) Can some one describe or better yet a picture of this...
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    Rear Strut symmetry???

    New to this and need a little help. Bought a 1974-BB conv and in my firts pass on what do I need to do right away came up with brakes. While I was replaceing the e-Brakes I noticed the rear spring attachment to the ditterential was broken(crack). When I got all of the parts out, I was looking...
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    Center console removal

    This seems like a silly question concerning my 1974 M/T Need to do an R & R on the parking brake and want to remove the center console that covers the parking brake handle . I remove the screws that hold the consle from the sides. The front will move up several inches but it seems to be...
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