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    bose or not

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area... The speakers on my 89 are hissing, and it's been getting worse. I replaced the rears, which seemed the worst, and it helped...for about a minute. Now they sound crappy too. I've talked to two stereo guys, both said the replacements are hard to find...
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    Targa top success!

    We got the top off! I just wanted to thank all the folks who gave me such good suggestions. Per your suggestions, I squirted wd-40 along the weatherstripping, drove over some speed bumps and pot holes, then found a nice flat spot in a parking lot. Got my shoulder under it and pushed, and it came...
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    D@mn targa top!

    We've had the 89 two weeks, and three times I've gone out and tried to get the roof off. I spent over an hour tonight, had the rear bolts out, doors open with windows down, all the things in the manual. I even tried running a plastic wedge along the weatherstrip to pop it out, no good! It will...
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    2 newbie questions

    We've only had the 89 coupe home a few days, and today was my first chance to really play around with it. I tried taking the top off, it wouldn't budge! I loosened the 4 bolts shown in the owners manual, the 2 in rear even came completely out, and nothing. I pulled as hard as I could and the car...
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    Home at last

    Brought our new to us 89 home, finally, last night, after the 2 day A/C repair turned into 5 days. Lightning and thunder as I got in it to head home, moderately heavy rain on the ride, but at least it was only 8 miles. And I found out that the headlights and wipers work great :eyerole. Just as I...
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    Hi all, Duke and Jackie here, we just bought a new-to-us 89 coupe, our first Vette. Nothing special about it, bright red automatic, base model. But we love it! I'm a Marylander but she's a Philly philly so it's our Mason_Dixon car :L
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