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    40th Anniversary Want heat, but AC seems to be on all of the time. Plus temp gauge not working?

    A recently purchased 93 Corvette has a few issues I've been trying to resolve. One issue is when turning the heat on, I've noticed cold air blowing. I've also noticed the AC compressor is running. I did disconnect the compressor to see if this was the case where the AC was over-riding the demand...
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    Help! 93 40th Annaversary edition, lost door locks on both sides

    Today while working on the passenger door mechanism, I lost total power door lock operation on both sides. I've checked the 20 amp power door lock fuse, switch, and wiring. I am at a loss because I can't find anything on which pin coming off of the door lock switch in the 12 volt supply, lock...
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    93 door locks not working. Wiring diagram needed

    I'm working on a 1993 40th Anniversary edition which I just brought home yesterday. The power door locks actuators were working on both sides until today. The first thing I checked was the 20 amp fuse for the door locks. That was good! I then removed the door panel on the passenger side to check...
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