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    Brake Ducting for a '70

    I've got a '70 coupe and I'm considering taking it out to the track for some fun, and I'd like to know if anyone has installed brake cooling duct work on their C3, and if so, do you have any insight or manufacturers you'd like to share? The car already has: VBP 330lb monoleaf QA1 adjustable...
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    I must have missed this LT-1 section!

    Hello to all the other LT-1 enthusiasts here in the forum. I've been a member for a little while but must have somehow missed the LT-1 specific area. I purchased my '70 a couple years ago as a #'s matching car, but the engine was out of the car (on a pallet w/ the incorrect heads) and a slow...
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    Headlight Door Conversions

    Like many others, the vacuum system on my high powered '70 continues to develop small but problematic leaks, regardless of how many hoses, etc. I replace. I've already installed a complete vacuum hose replacement kit, numerous fittings and diaphrams, as well as added an SSBC vacuum pump to...
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    Offset Trailing Arms?

    I just picked up a pair of 10" wide rims for my '70 LT-1 and was going to install a set of the offset Trailing Arms. Has anyone got any experience with these arms? Will they actually handle a 10" rim or should I go down to 9-9.5" (the rims are 3 piece Compomotives)? What type of back spacing...
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    My new cam, and some things I found while doing it.

    I've got a '70 with a new ZZ4 "Fast Burn 385" small block in it, but felt the car needed a little more cam, so I just dropped in Chevy's "Hot Cam" and a set of roller 1.6:1 rockers. This cam and rocker combination, in this same engine is rated by Chevy @ 420hp & 400lb ft of torque, so it should...
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    New Rims

    When I bought my car it had a set of '82 aluminum rims on it, and I want to replace them with 16" American Torque Thrust D's (just released @ $280 each). My question is this: has anyone out there put (or heard of) a set of 16" rims on a '68-'82 Vette? If so, what is the widest rim you think I...
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    I've got water infiltration :-(

    Whenever it rains or I wash my '70 LT-1, I get water infiltrating through the cowl area and soaking the floor below the pedals. Can anybody give me the skinny on a good place to start, as well a possible solutions? Thanks, and Happy New Year!!!!!!
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    Lowering a '68-'72?

    Lowering the rear of my '70 is a cinch, but can anybody tell me if there is a preferred method for lowering the front? Thanks
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