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    c4 need to pump brakes

    I have a 1989 C4 that I need to pump the brakes to get a solid pedal. I have replaced the booster, front calipers rotors and pads, and stainless steel brake lines. The master cylinder does not leak. I have bled the brakes 3 times. I still have to pump the brakes 3 times to get a good peddle...
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    Rear tail light lens replacement

    Does anyone know of a way to replace the rear lens without removing the rear bumper? Thanks
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    1989 fog lights

    Does anyone know how to get to the fog lights and best bulbs for replacement? This is a great forum!
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    Help! canister purge valve solenoid

    I have a 1989 Corvette that when it gets hot it "vapor locks". It runs rough and will not restart until I remove the gas cap. I have replaced the gas cap, canister and purge valve. I am looking to replace the soelnoid GM# 1997181 Delco # 214-375. I cannot find this part anywhere. The dealer...
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    Help! incorrect instant and average fuel mileage

    Could anyone give me some direction as to how to solve my displayed mileage problem. My indicator goes to 99 mpg right away, used to work fine. Is computation done in the ECM?
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