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  1. J

    C-4 Climate control code 09

    I get a code 09. low Freon. I had the Freon check, completely recharged. New AC system in 2013. Work great last year. This year the clutch will not engage. By pass all controls and go direct to the compressor and clutch will engage. So now I check the climate control and I get a code 09...
  2. J

    Tach bouncing all over the place

    90 with 91,000. The last few weeks I notice my Tach bouncing all over the place, but after the car warms up, then its operates just fine. Could this be a ground wire? Need some advice. Thanks
  3. J

    headlight switch, assemble

    headlight switch, Assembley Dumb me, took my headlight switch apart. Need a photo of the Assembley. My switch didn't work (or I thought so); turn out to be, just the knob broken. Have any idea on where I can get a photo of how it’s put together. I have one small screw left. I look...
  4. J

    Help! no power to fuse

    1990, 350, My radio, radio antenna, interior light, control temp, and AC don't work. I was trying to reset my theft on the car. I kept turning the ingition off and on. When I finally i got the alarm off, then I notice nothing work. What did I do? Check fuse its Ok. I put a meter on it...
  5. J

    CD player...hot tip for old school CD player

    Most of you already knew this, but I thought I would pass this along. My CD player in my C-4 is old school. Works ok. But if you hit a bump sometimes it skips. So I went down to Walmart and bought a Zen MP3 player (2 gig) for $70.00 and used the cassette player adapter. I then bought a 4...
  6. J

    window tint starting to bubble

    1990 my rear window tint is starting to bubble, is there anything I can do or is it better to repalce the tint. Any suggestions?
  7. J

    Replace Antenna here is some hot tips

    I have a 1990. Ok after twice breaking the Antenna.:puke I thought I might go back and watch them how they do it.;shrug Tip 1. Don't be stupid like me and just cut the antenna cable off.:bash if you have any cable left at all. very slow pull out the cable from the motor if exposed on the...
  8. J

    Replace Antenna

    I have a 1990. Ok after twice breaking the Antenna. I thought I might go back and watch them how they do it. 1st.
  9. J

    What a dumb mistake I did

    :ohnoesTypical new owner, or just me. I just had a new power antenna installed. They only charge me $150.00, which I thought was not to bad. Now I just had the antenna brake off again. What I did I had to cut the antenna mask and I cut the dang cable as well. They mention to me if I can...
  10. J

    power steering groan 1990

    I have no leaks and not using any power steering fluid. I have it check with my 3000 oil changes. I sucked out all the old power steering fluid and added new still having the groan. Everything feels normal when driving. Is there some thing that I am missing?;shrug. It does it when its warm...
  11. J

    ok guys, where is the heck is my car jack

    Another stupid question, just where in the heck is my car jack on a 1990?,:confused or do I even have one. I might have to find a owners manual.:bash
  12. J

    Does your cockpit get hot?????

    Why does it get so dang hot inside the cockpit, is that normal ? It was our first real hot day of the year. I am a first time owner. Also, at the end of day I noticed my car driver side door started to rub against the battery cover. At least that is what I call it. I am sure you know what I am...
  13. J

    Monster Radioplay 300 ???

    ok , guys looking to play mp3 player in my 90 vette. We all know how noisy inside a vette is, well at least mine is. wind, trans and my wife etc..... Have any of you have had good luck with ANY mp3 players in your cars? PS Just kidding about the wife, she good lady.
  14. J

    rollers for the front end found them once now I can't

    Some where I found where you can install rollers on your front skid plate (I think that is what is called) Can anyone point me in that direction. I thought it was great, I have a steep drive way.
  15. J

    Hardstarting when cold

    65,000 miles, I have to crank it a few times before it starts. Now when it warns up I have no problem. Do you think its a choke problem? I was thinking maybe I should spray some wd40 on the linkage. Any other ideas. I have put on about 1,500 miles since it came out of storge from the...
  16. J

    Carfax. What is your interpretation of this report

    If I understand this report, is this correct. See my comments in red. Event Date Event Location Odometer Reading Data Source Event Detail 1st Owner 10/09/1990 7/09/1991 Total Miles 29,027 2nd Owner 07/09/1991 MOUNTAIN REGION 29,027 Auto Auction REPORTED AT AUTO AUCTION...
  17. J

    CARFAX Jus how good are they

    CARFAX Just how good are they? Some one was kind enough to do a CARFAX for me. I was under the impression, if you run the VN number, it will bring up everything about the car, owners, wrecks, etc. I found out only if it is reported to CARFAX or DMV. Does anyone know of a place where you...
  18. J

    Replace the plastic flexible extension cable snaps

    Can you just rebuild the antenna? I can hear the motor so all I want to do is replace the plastic flexible extension cable snaps.
  19. J

    Do you remember your first weekend with the vette

    It started out great. Sun shinning, top off and mama at your side. Time for a starbucks. Shut the car off, went inside came out, bamn,,,,,,,no start, no nothing. First thing in my mind, somebody didn't want me to have this vette. Ok I settled down, and tried a jump. Nothing, the battery...
  20. J

    What is with the square box 1990

    Just what was suppose to go into the square box above the radio.:confused Im thinking to install a GPS in there. Its a 1990
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