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  1. john1069

    GM Factory Recalls

    Hi, I'm curious if how long does one have to take a car in for factory recalls and service bulletins? They show a seat belt recall for my 1986 Corvette which I know for a fact that it has never been taken in for, so does anyone have or know the answer? Thanks, Dr. John
  2. john1069

    Multi Year C-4 Parts For Sale

    C-4 Corvette Parts for Sale L-98 & LT-1 Engines New Parts 1- One GM Hot Hydraulic Roller camshaft, camshaft only GM # 24502586 still in box, Fits all LT-1 engines $180.00 2- O2 sensor for 94-96 LT-1 Vettes with connector pigtail GM # 25176708 ACD# 213-632 $75.00 for both. 3-...
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