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    News: Water pump and optispark.

    Hi folks. I've never posted here before but have some information ya'll might find helpful. I always look around here to learn how to deal with issues concerning my '96 LT4 and it has helped tremendously. Thanks for your help and maybe I can contribute as well. Started having a very slow...
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    Question: LT4 Shifter Noise

    I have a rattle noise coming from my shifter knob, particularly during loading. It seems I can reduce the rattle by pressing on the knob cover or holding the knob tightly. It could be my imagination that the noise goes down because I am covering the knob more. I've replaced the key and also put...
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    Question: Front License Plate Poll

    I live in a state that requires a front license plate. However, I think it is ugly! I choose to leave it off and put my 'Corvette' cover on. I see a lot of other owners that do the same. Just curious, How many of you folks do not put on the front plate even though it is illegal to do so where...
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    LT4 Injector Pulse Width Question

    I would appreciate any help. "The Bullet" has been sitting in my garage all summer. Withdrawal symptoms have become unbearable. I need a fix for me and my Vette. I've been troubleshooting my LT4 for over two months, off and on. The problem is the fuel mixture is far too rich. It smokes and...
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    Help! Fuel pressure low, 25 PSI, then zero.

    With a fuel pressure gauge installed, the pressure reads about 25 PSI for 2 seconds then drops to zero, ignition on, without starting . I expected the pressure to last only 2 seconds as described in the factory service manual but the pressure is well below 41-47 PSI and it is my understanding it...
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