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    92 Coupe floorboard repair

    Hi Does anyone know what is used to seal (bond) the fiberglass portion of the floor board to the aluminum portion directly under the driver seat? It appears to be some type of epoxy and most of it has broken up. What can I use to replace it? I assume I need to remove all of it that I can see...
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    Help! 1992 C4 running much hotter than normal

    Hi The needle on the temp gauge on my 1994 C4 usually sits 1/2 - 3/4. Yesterday it started going all the way up to the 230-260* mark on the gauge. While driving it back home I jumped terminal "A" & "B" on the port under the dash and the fans turned on (left them on while driving) but the car...
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    92 C4 Coupe Has No Heat

    Hi everyone I recently started driving my 1992 C4 coupe everyday and have no heat coming from the vents. What things would you check first? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1992 Service ASR / Security Blinks 3x / SYS flashes at speedo

    Hi I have a 1992 coupe with 155,000 miles on it. The "Service ASR" light just came on along with the "Security" light blinking three times and "SYS" blinking on the speedometer display. The car continues to run but once I turn it off it will not start again. If I disconnect the negative battery...
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    Brake pedal hard after car wouldn't start

    Hi My 1992 C4 has a new issue. I drove the car two days ago and it ran great. This afternoon I went to start it and the motor just cranked over but would not start. I tried for about 10 minutes and when I released the key I occasionally could hear a misfire. I let it sit for about two hours and...
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    C4 sputters in OD under load

    Hi I have a 1992 C4 coupe automatic and it starts and runs perfectly fine in drive. When I have the car shifted into overdrive which is how I've always driven it the car is fine until it's in 4th gear. Once in 4th and you start to put a "slight" load on it like a gradual incline or if I lift my...
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    Brake pedal hard & hissing

    Hi everyone, I have a 1992 coupe and over the past week noticed the brake pedal at times extremely hard to press down and feeling like the car isn't going to stop. Yesterday I noticed for the first time that if I have the brake pedal pressed down I can hear a fairly loud hissing inside the car...
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    Will a seatbelt from a '95/96 coupe fit a 1992?

    Hi I've been searching for a new replacement driver side seat belt assembly for my 1992 coupe in beige. I just found a new one in beige for a '95/95 coupe. Am I correct that this should fit a 1992? From the picture of them it looks like the cover at the top of the pillar is black and mine are...
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    Need help with broken piece in steering column

    Hi, I pulled my steering wheel tonight to replace it with a restored one and found that the sleeve (located on the steering column) that the contact wire for the horn goes to is broken. The sleeve has a channel in it that the horn wire pushes into and then the wire hooks in place under some...
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    Ecklers or Corvette Central for steering wheel restoration?

    Hi, Has anyone used Ecklers or Corvette Central for steering wheel restoration? I know they both have someone else do it for them (not sure if they use the same person). My car is finally in for the winter and I am ready to pull the wheel and send it out Thanks Jim
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    1992 Shifter cable burning up... Possible ground problem??

    Hi, I am having a problem with my 1992 coupe... I've put about 4000 miles on it (126k total) and last Friday drove it for about an hour and when I got back in it I turned the key and got nothing (VAT has been removed). After about 3-4 min I turned the key and it started right up. I went to put...
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    1992 Corvette Cruise Control Module Location?

    Can someone tell me where the Cruise Control Module is located on a 1992 Corvette? I know it is located on the passenger side under the dash but I removed the one under panel with the light in it and can not locate it.
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    Double Din Stereo in C4?

    Hi, Will a double din stereo head unit fit in a 1992 C4 Coupe? If so are there any pictures of this? Thanks, Jim
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    Where to find C4 differences

    Hi, I'm lookng at buying a C4 a was wondring if there is a source for finding out the differences between C4 years Thanks
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    Basic C6 stereo speakers needed & question

    Hi, I need both front 10" and rear 6.5" original speakers for the basic 2006 C6 stereo. Anyone have them that they want to sell fast? Also is there a stock sub somewhere in the car? I need these yesterday so if anyone has anything please let me know
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    Z06 panels on a C6

    Tire Sensor Will the tire sensors work with aftermarket rims ?
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    C6 parts manual

    Hi, does anyone know of a parts manual for a C6? Possibly a part #.
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