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  1. johnd

    Blinker lights work but dont blink...

    When I hit the turn signal the lights come on just fine but they will not blink. They slowly started doing this and now have totally stopped blinking. Does anyone have an idea of what this may be? Thanks much, John Dykstra
  2. johnd

    Ticking sound from engine...

    Ok, I had heard a ticking sound from the engine. So I took the valve covers off and sure enough a lifer was loose, so I tightened up like I have before and that always got rid of the problem...until now... The ticking is not subiding, is there something else I may have to look at? I am not...
  3. johnd

    Interior Kit

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction for a decent quality interior kit? I am looking for one with doorpanels, carpet, seats...pretty much the whole shabang... Thanks :upthumbs
  4. johnd

    Just Replaced My PS Control Valve...

    it seems to pull right a little hard...do you think I need an alignment? Or is it just that my valve is off and needs adjusting...can I adjust it? I guess I did mess with the steering components in a way...need more of a professional opinion Thanks, John Dykstra
  5. johnd

    The Single most redundant question of the day...

    I have had my 81 for 5 years now, I have completely ripped the car apart, new engine, new paint, new almost everything it seems...anyway today it almost sounded like it was low on power steering fluid, so I pop the hood look everywhere and I cannot find the reservoir.... So my question where...
  6. johnd

    When is the GM employee pricing even?

    Im looking into getting a non gas guzzling car so I was thinking about picking one up during the empolyee pricing even they seem to be decently priced around that time of year...just wondering thanks much. John Dykstra
  7. johnd

    anyone know who does tranny swaps in WI?

    well just wondering if anyone knows who does them in WI I am going from a th350 to the 2004r just tryin to find a place that I can talk to and not look at me like im crazy. Thanks, John Dykstra
  8. johnd

    Choosing the right stall...

    Ok, this one may sound dumb but what do I look at when choosing a stall converter...my engine is a 350 385/425 in the area...it has a big cam, full length headers, and I am going to do a 2004r swap from the th350 thats in there now. Thanks For the Help John Dykstra
  9. johnd

    Need Help W/ 4 Speed Ideas

    Ok it has been forever since I really hung out on here and alot has happened since I did I am currently in Iraq in what I hope to be my last year in the army. The big plus of being over here is that it has opened up more money for the vette and I really want to put a 4 speed transmission into...
  10. johnd

    81 th350 rebuild kit

    anyone know of where to buy one? no one has them that I can find I am especially interested in the o-rings...the only ones that I can find go up to 79...and my poor tranny is leakin bad because of that darn o-ring...need some help here :)...thanks much.... John Dykstra
  11. johnd

    So whats going on with the window decals?

    I was just wondering...I was lookin in the proshop and there are only the static cling ones...I am really wanting a vinyl one...I know there was alot of conversation about it not all that long ago and I have not seen much about it since then...just kinda lookin for a update. John Dykstra
  12. johnd

    Alright the last pictures of my car!

    well this is the last time I will be updating my pictures on cardomain so here ya guys and gals are :)... http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/536899 Thanks, John Dykstra
  13. johnd

    81 alarm system question...

    is there a fuse or something of the nature that will disable the factory alarm? when I was reassembling the car last week I was under the impression that the alarm system did not work so I took the wires out out of the door for the security system and yesterday it decided to work at a very bad...
  14. johnd


    spent 8 hours today doing laps around the car and it is done...the pictures do NO justice to the color it is awesome.... http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/536899
  15. johnd

    Reassembly is Done...

    http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/536899 Usually I just post these over in the L-81 foums but, I am rather happya bout this today because I am finally finished jamming and putting it back together...I will paint the car early next because I have to do some army chores for the rest of the...
  16. johnd

    well another day...another vette update :)

    and I hope that my attachments work...it is now in filling primer and I also finished shaving the antenna.... John Dykstra
  17. johnd

    anyone use the turbo tube from Mid america?

    http://www.madvet.com/shop?frame=4.119.4026 that is the link...any imput would be great...thanks. John Dykstra
  18. johnd

    I have a exhaust issue need help (1981)

    alright I have a 81 corvette...and I have long tube headers...since no one really make a kit that is a true dual exhaust system...what do I do where do I turn? I went to the local exhaust shops and they will not install a system without putting cats on and where I am from you do not need them...
  19. johnd

    Alright another update on the progress of the vette

    ya nothin huge but i got the bumpers and hood fitted now...seeing they are all ecklers stuff it did not go bad at all just a little grinding here and there...and I have it almost as dissasembled as I will need to switch the body color... http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/536899 but theres...
  20. johnd

    want to shave antenna...got questions...

    alright as most of you know I am doing alot of work to my car...and I am thinking that I am going to shave the antenna...and what I am wanting to know is if there is a way to have the antenna in the window or something of that nature instead of haveing a real antenna...or if I shave it is it...
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