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  1. WLS Ruby 93

    Sticky steering wheel air bag cover fix

    After reading several posts concerning our sticky air bag covers, I tried several suggested products with no success. I decided to try Lacquer thinner. Not being sure of the outcome I used it on an inconspicuous area of the cover and it was working great. The trick is to keep the rag, in this...
  2. WLS Ruby 93

    Exhaust tips.

    I have a set of C5 exhaust tips that are in really fine shape with C5 logo embossed on them made of heavy chrome with a rolled edge. My other set is on my 1998 coupe seen here. These tips clamp on to the exhaust pipe. Stock tips must be removed first. I ground mine off at the weld points with an...
  3. WLS Ruby 93

    C5 Exhaust tips.

    Set of four used after market heavy gauge metal C5 exhaust tips with rolled edges and logo embossed on top of each tip. All in excellent condition. Stock tips must be removed first to install these clamp on style tips. Price $135 for the set of 4 plus USPS shipping.
  4. WLS Ruby 93

    Air Check Valve

    Does anyone have a link to the step by step procedure for replacing the passenger's side AIR check valve? I do not want the re-route procedure where the tubing is cut and a new valve installed in a convenient place. I'd like to keep my car as original as possible. I'm thinking ahead for a...
  5. WLS Ruby 93

    Question: What's your compliment?

    Today was cloudless, 45-50 degrees and I needed oil and a filter for my tractor so I removed the dust cover and fired up the Vette for a 30 mile one way cruise to the dealer who sells Orange colored tractors. On the way home I stopped at my local Non-Ethanol gas station to top it off and the...
  6. WLS Ruby 93

    Question: How to test a switch?

    I have my 98 for 4 years now and from the get go the only thing that does not work are my fog lights. Most annoying. So far I have .... 1. Check the bulbs they are OK but no current gets to the sockets. 2. Changed the under-hood fuse and relay with new ones. 3. Pulled the nose off and checked...
  7. WLS Ruby 93

    Problem solved.

    Ok, so, the Vette is on the rack until the weather straightens out and has my homemade dust cover on ... that would be two king size sheets sewn together, works very well. The problem is that when I'm out in the "Tractor barn" with the overhead door open working on some other machine and the...
  8. WLS Ruby 93

    Question: What's my next move ?

    Over the last few months I have gotten two codes on my 98 Coupe ---- a B62O5 and PO410. The B6205 is the Front Seat Vertical Position Sensor Failure and the PO410 is the "Air System". My questions are where is the Vertical Position Sensor located and how do I know which seat it refers to. My...
  9. WLS Ruby 93

    Vent Locks

    I came across a product that works very well on my 1998 C5 Coupe. They are called Ventlocks sold by the Leerburg Dog Training | 16,000 pages of dog training information, 300 free dog training streaming videos, free eBooks, podcasts, by Ed Frawley and Michael Ellis company for $17.99 each. These...
  10. WLS Ruby 93

    Question: Chirp and it's not a bird.

    I'm trying to locate an under-the-hood and faint metallic chirping sound that only occurs on acceleration in my 1998 Auto Trans Coupe. At sustained speeds there is no noise. My thinking is the belt tensioner might be the culprit but can't seem to pin it down. I don't know how many miles are on...
  11. WLS Ruby 93

    Question: Speed bleeders

    I bought a set of 4 speed bleeders for my 1998 C5 coupe and was wondering if there is a specific procedure to brake bleeding that might be unusual for the C5s? Keep 'em rollin' :W Bill
  12. WLS Ruby 93

    More Storage Space

    All Corvette owners are painfully aware of the lack or storage space within reach for those little neccessities like eye glasses, tissues, pens and whatever. I have come across a small metal basket that fits under the seat between the seat rails just behind the floor mountiing bolts, see...
  13. WLS Ruby 93

    Question: Any ideas?

    The battery in the TPMS sensor on my left front wheel died so no signal was being received at the DIC. I ordered a new sensor pulled the wheel brought it to my local mechanic and he replaced it. Then I put the wheel back on went to program the sensors using a strong magnet. The only sensor...
  14. WLS Ruby 93

    Brake Speed Bleeders by Russell

    For sale; two complete sets of Russell one man brake speed bleeders new in packages for C5 Corvettes, item #639630. Each set of 4 bleeders is $20 plus $7 shipping to lower 48. Bill
  15. WLS Ruby 93

    C5 Brake Speed Bleeders

    I have two sets of Russell brand speed bleeders # 639630 for one man brake bleeding. There are two bleeders per box so two boxes are needed for four wheels. Sold in sets of two boxes for $25 includes shipping to lower 48 states, else where you pay shipping. These bleeders are new and contain...
  16. WLS Ruby 93

    Switch removal

    Does anyone know how to properly remove the fog light switch from the dash of a 98. I think it can be pryed out but not sure from which side. Thanks. Bill
  17. WLS Ruby 93

    Fog Light Help

    Since the weather was nasty the last two days I decided it was time to give my car a "Nose job", meaning remove the nose cone/bumper and install the after market fog light air intake grills, clean out the radiator fins with compressed air and try to find out why my fog lights do not work. In...
  18. WLS Ruby 93

    Just pay shipping

    I upgraded the end links to the anti-sway bars on my 98 coupe. If anyone would like the old ones just PM me and pay the shipping. The 3 original links are worn but useable. The fourth link is a metal one and only has about 1000 miles on it. Not sure what the, "If it fits it ships" price would be...
  19. WLS Ruby 93

    Inexpensive dust cover

    The other day I was in Target looking for "Clearance" items and I found bedsheets drastically marked down. So I bought two king size flat sheets. I had a choice of three colors and chose dark burgundy, (so they won't show the dirt too badly). My wife sewed them together for me to make one...
  20. WLS Ruby 93

    Help! TPMS Sensor

    Well, winter is coming and I am lining up the indoor projects and one of them is replacing the left front TPMS Sensor which probably has a dying/dead battery. I get an XXX reading for it; the other three sensors are working fine. So, I did a internet search and the least expensive sensor I...
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