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    airbag light on 2002 Z06

    Hey guys I am getting the airbag ele light coming on when the car has been outside in the cold over night this light looks like a guy that is seated with a circle in front of him and is red. Has anyone else have had this problem? The owners manual does not comment that it might stay on when the...
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    Anyone used RIGHT STUFF Gasket??

    I will be putting the rear end back together on my 80 soon and was wondering what you all use. I have to order a gasket but the auto store sore by this product called right stuff which is used instead of a gasket.. I am from the old school and have worries in using it. I am looking for feed back...
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    differential side yokes on 80'

    First off nice site :o) I am tring to remove my side yokes on the differential to replace the seals, I have read ever post on this site that relates to differential and side yokes with no help. I have the rear cover off and removed the side yoke clips I was thinking that they would pull out...
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