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  1. Ruby Fan

    Can you use 4094M oil synthetic for the 4718M requirement?

    Sometimes you come across a synthetic oil that has a GM 4094M approval, would this be OK, just as good for the 4718M requirement? I don't know what the new Vettes require, so do you think it is now 4094M? thanks.
  2. Ruby Fan

    Adding gasoline on a hot day - FYI

    On a recent trip, in my '85, I was going thru the Carolinas & Va, when I decided to top off my gas tank. Now the outside temp was close to 100 degrees, my '85 was running great, did about 100 miles and decided to top off. I should have been able to put in about 5 gallons. I opened the gas cap...
  3. Ruby Fan

    Can anyone tell me the GM code required for oil in your C6?

    I own a C4 and the GM code required for synthetic oil is 'GM4718M'. Is this still the code required for syn oil on your new C6 cars? Was it changed or an additional code added? I see the word 'performance' added to some synthetic oil products. thanks
  4. Ruby Fan

    Has GM changed synthetic oil requirement 4718M to 6094 on newer Vettes? Or still the same?

    The reason I'm asking is that I noticed that on some Syn oils they are using a GM code '6094'(?) and showing 'performance'. I was wondering if GM is dropping the 4718M code to a newer code for their newer Vettes. Or is 4718M still good for newer Vettes? I also have a Solstice, which requires...
  5. Ruby Fan

    '85 gauge cluster dim on right side - any answers?

    When I started my '85 after a trip I made, the right side part of the gauge went dim. This is the side that has the temp/volt and below it has the mpg/avg mpg. This is the only part of the gauge that appears dim. The rest of the instruments illuminate fine. The car has just about 64K on it. You...
  6. Ruby Fan

    How to remove oil pressure sender?

    On my '85, on the back right side of the engine, between spark plugs, is the oil pressure sender(?). There is a wire attached, (green). How to remove this wire? The wire is attached to a plastic 'cap' on top of the sender. Which is the best way to remove it ( push-pull-twist?). I believe I have...
  7. Ruby Fan

    Oil smell in traffic - valve covers?

    My 85 runs fine at any speed, 62K mi. I find that when in stop & go traffic, I notice an oil smell, and sometimes see a light smoke coming from the hood, I think mostly from the right(pass) side. Do you think that my valve covers leak? Or maybe a bad PVC? Is it possible for the valve covers to...
  8. Ruby Fan

    What oil filter do you use? short or long?

    On the earlier C4's, like my '85, GM specs a PF25, but I have seen in up to date filter selections, a short type. I think the number is PF454, which is shorter, probably for more ground clearance. I have used both. Just wondering what you folks use. Thanks
  9. Ruby Fan

    LT4 Would you put any Grand Sport logo on your LT4?

    I talking any LT4 equipped, because they all have the Grand Sport engine. I saw a license plate frame that had 'Grand Sport' and was thinking about getting one, but I have a CE LT4. Yeah, not the brightest idea for discussion, but just wanted to know how you all felt. thanks
  10. Ruby Fan

    Sometimes clunk from rear end

    I was in heavy stop & go traffic, and noticed that when I had to give it some gas to advance, slow pace, I heard a clunk sound coming from the rear. It didn't happen every time, just when it went from a paused creep. It was warm outside, and this is the first time it caught my attention. Do you...
  11. Ruby Fan

    '85 Taillight lens stamped '83

    Not trying to lure you in, just to give you info: I noticed when I looked closely at the taillight lens(red) on my '85 it has a coding that shows that it is molded(?) modeled(?) from 1983. In the old days when you tried to tell the year of a car, when each year there was a distinction in design...
  12. Ruby Fan

    Oil change interval question

    I really don't use my 93 at all, I use my '85(please don't think I'm bragging). Last year I changed the oil/filter, synthetic as required, and put in gas treatment. I haven't started the car in a year. I know what GM says, but do you folks really think it's necessary to change the oil?. The car...
  13. Ruby Fan

    I added Marvel Mystery oil to my 85 and mpg seems to have increased

    When I got my 85 a few years ago, only 41K on her, inside the valve covers looked black and gunky. I always change my oil way under the recommended miles. Recently I decided to put in some Marvel, prior to changing my oil, figured it would clean up some gunk and I also added some for the current...
  14. Ruby Fan

    Repair book for 'modern era' C4, C5 & C6

    I was at a bookstore the other day and found a new project book that shows how to do some repair work on what they call 'modern era' Corvettes. They call the book repair tips for C4, C5 & C6. All of the illustrations show using a C5 as an example. I was wondering if the C5 & C6 are very closely...
  15. Ruby Fan

    Any driving superstitions?

    Sounds silly, but I won't wear any off car brand t-shirt, jacket, gear..etc. when driving my Vette. I do feel very comfortable wearing any Vette gear when driving other models. How about you folks, any lucky kudos?
  16. Ruby Fan

    Drive only 10 mi. in a year-change oil?

    I know the manual says that no matter what the mileage, change the oil at least once a year. This past year only saw less than 10 miles on my '93 Ruby, and it really just sat in the garage. I did start it up every so often to keep all the seals in shape. So what do you think? Should I change the...
  17. Ruby Fan

    Steam sometimes from my '85

    My 85 runs cool as a cucumber, temp usually stays around 175 when I'm runnin down the road. I understand that these machines get hot in stop and go traffic, so does mine. I had 2 instances when steam appeared to be coming from the hood. Once when I was in extremely stop and go traffic for what...
  18. Ruby Fan

    Where is the drain plug on dry sump system?

    I don't own a C-6, or a Z06, but I wanted to know how you would go about changing the oil. I wanted to know where the drain plug is on the dry sump oil system. Does it have a drain plug? I saw a show featuring the building of Vettes on cable recently, featuring the Z06. The Z06 uses a dry sump...
  19. Ruby Fan

    Can you tell me what oil requirement code you nedd for the new models?

    I have a C-4 and the oil requirement code is GM 4718(the code spec that meets GM approval for use in Vettes). How about u folks who have new models: do you know what the oil spec code is? It would be in your owners manual. Thanks:w
  20. Ruby Fan

    Is GM 4718 oil code still used on new Vettes?

    I was wondering if the GM 4718 oil requirement code used on C-4's, is still used for new Vettes. The reason being is that if newer oil codes are just used for newer Vettes, will the GM 4718 be dropped as time goes on? If so then we may not know what would replace it. Thanks:w
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