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  1. drsantos

    carburetor Quadrajet

    I have an origional quadrajet carburetor (4MV) from a 1981 vette, it was pulled when I changed the intake, it will be listed on EBAY, What is it worth?;shrug
  2. drsantos

    FOR SALE - 1981 4-speed, charcoal metallic

    FOR SALE - 1981 4-speed, charcoal metallic -SOLD SOLD 81 VETTE, Original motor w/ 4-SPEED V8, NEW PAINT IN 2003 CHARCOAL METALLIC, NEW INTERIOR, NEW BRAKES,CALIPERS, Ball Joints AND TIRES (2000), New Door handles, shocks and dual flowmaster exhaust(11/2004), new motor and tranny mounts...
  3. drsantos

    Time to Sell :(

    :cry I have an offer of $8500.00 for my 1981 (new paint)Charcoal gray, new interior, 4 Speed, with 104K miles, all origional with exception of the exhaust true dual with flowmasters. Is 8$8500.00 too low??
  4. drsantos

    81 coupe to roadster

    Can an 1981 be converted to a convertible? Beside $$MONEY$$ what does ot take
  5. drsantos

    Exhaust tips

    Recently installed dual exhaust with flowmaster 40's with 2.5 inch pipe, Looking for a pair of exhaust tips that will fit 2.5 OD pipe and are abour 6 inches long. Tried Ecklers wrong size 2 1/4. Any leads as to where I can find these?
  6. drsantos

    Lower control arm bushings

    Any tips on replacing the lower control arm bushings, can I do it with the car on the ground?
  7. drsantos

    turbo mufflers

    Has anyone used the Turbo mufflers part number 603-870 from madvet.com, are they louder than stock?
  8. drsantos

    dual exhaust

    Will be installing new dual pipes from mid-america to my 81, with flowmater deltaflow 40's, Where can I purcahsed the connection elbows and turn downs. The existing ones are welded to the old muffler (stock I think).
  9. drsantos

    Hottt Vette 1981

    Whenever I turn the temp selection to AC, the 25 Amp fuse for the blower motor blows. If it's in the off or heat position the fuse is OK. any ideas?
  10. drsantos

    Quadrajet Adjustment

  11. drsantos

    Timing a 1981

    On a 1981 vette with Elec. Spark timing, Is there anything I need to disconnect prior to timing?
  12. drsantos

    QJET Rebuild

    Currently rebuilding my QJET (81), how should i adjust the Lean idle stop, it's the d-shaped post near the float, also does the TPS sensor have to be there, broke the plastic post.
  13. drsantos

    sunshade removal

    How do you remove the rear sun screen from a 81 vette. i have removed the trim, but cannot easily identify how to remove the curtain.
  14. drsantos

    Upgrading radio

    What wire from the old radio harness willl provide 12 volts constantly to the new radio. (1981)
  15. drsantos

    removing 4 speed shifter

    I am going to rebuild my 4 speed shifter (81), does the shifter unit come out from under the car, or through the shifter console?
  16. drsantos

    Carburator CFM

    Replacing my Q-jet on stock engine 1981, what carb cfm should I use?
  17. drsantos

    high idle

    The idle on my 81 is ok when cold, but once warm I can't seem to kick it down below 1500 rpm after driving for 40 minutes @ 60-80. It sometimes will come down when hot if I hit the pedal qucikly, but as soon as I give it gas it goes back to 1500 rpm.
  18. drsantos

    KBD Targa Exhasut

    Looking to change stock exhaust on 1981, 4 speed w/no cat, does anyone have any feedback/info on KBD Targa Exhaust.
  19. drsantos

    Exhaust popping

    During deceleration I hear popping out of the mufflers, what can be done to eliminate this. The CAT converter has been removed otherwise the exhaust is factory. 1981 4 speed.
  20. drsantos

    Parking brake pads

    Anyone know where I can find parking brake pads for a 81, other than corvette america, ecklers etc...
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