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    C5 GM exhaust for sale

    Check it out, just posted on C5 parts for sale section, pics included. Best offer takes it. Thanks for looking. http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/c5-parts-sale-wanted/138369-c5-corvette-exhaust-sale.html
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    C5 corvette exhaust for sale

    For sale is GM OEM Corvette exhaust system with chrome tips. This came from my 2002 corvette convertible. The exhaust was barely used. I swapped the GM exhaust for custom exhaust at approximately 6,200 miles and had stored the GM exhaust since. I recently sold my corvette and have no need for...
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    Question: Headlight alignment

    I brought my 2002 convertible to the dealer to replace the left actuator and while it works fine, the mechanic did not center the head light! :mad The gap between the hood and the headlight is wider on the outside and real tight on the inside. Curious if any one knows how to realign, prefer...
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    battery tender installation

    Good morning, I purchasd a waterproof battery tender (car is outdoors under a car cover) and was wondering if anyone has installed these before and what you did. The instructions say it needs be installed as far away from the battery and below it, which does not leave much room at all. Was...
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    Steering Column Lock - Solution???

    I got the dreaded "Steering Column Lock" message on the DIC yesterday. Steering wheel was locked solid. I set out this morning to the dealership to see if my 02 had the recall fix performed. I did a lot of research on this and other forums about this issue and it appears the fix is to replace...
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    wheel weight

    Hey there, curious if anyone knows what the weight is of stock 5-spoke rim front and rear with tire and air filled. I'm looking at purchasing aftermarket wheels/tires and want to purchase the right set without adding too much additional weight to the car compromising performance. Thanks a lot.
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    Question: links for color key engine compartment?

    Looking to dress up with color key fuel rail, radiator, etc... Checked in google and did not find too much ;shrug , found one from kewl products. Peace.
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    Exhaust repairable?

    Today while trying to avoid someone backing into me, I backed into a street light with a concrete base in a parking lot.....:mad:mad:mad I pushed in the the left exhaust tips (very lucky there was no body damage!!!). I have the Corsa Pace car edition exhaust w/ x-pipe from cats back. Is this...
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    Good morning. Looking to install headers on my 2002 C5. Already have corsa sport exhaust w/ x-pipe so headers and hi-performance cats are what I am after. I've read a lot through searches at CAC as well as other sites and not sue what to do. Does brand make a difference (kooks, american...
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    Getting the "itch" to install headers on my 2002 C5. Already have corsa sport exhaust w/ x-pipe so just looking for headers and hi-performance cats. Does brand make a difference (kooks, american racing, LG)? Ditto for cats. Do I go with long tube?Suggestions/advice appreciated. Willing to spend...
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    Tire Plug???

    Jumped into my C5 last nite and LR tire was down 10 PSI. Filled it up and noticed a nail in between the tread :mad Obviously need to get it fixed - what is the correct way to fix, plug or patch? ;help
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    Corsa exhaust.....

    Hi- Just joined CAC and I found it very very helpful. :BOW I purchased a 2002 Pewter Corvette Convertible w/ 6,400 miles on it. Thid id my 3rd vette (my other ones were C4s 1992, 1995) and the C% are by far the best I have driven. I need your advice on a Corsa Exhaust I am purchasing...
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