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  1. redc4corvette

    LT4 F/S AFR 220 heads & T&D Shaft rockers LT4 Intake

    LT4 Heads $3500.000 for the AFR 220 heads and T&D Shaft rockers. Total 2 hours running time on heads.These are the C&C ported intake and exaust race ready version#1127 AFR. LT4 intake brand new in factory box $550.00 Call John or PM 1-800-959-7319 HST 9 to 6 7 day's a week. Thanks!
  2. redc4corvette

    Opti guys all the info you need here

    http://corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33844 http://www.gmhightechperformance.co...0htp_optispark/ http://www.charm.net/~mchaney/optisprk/optisprk.htm http://www.fierolt1.com/lt1_95_up_OptiReplace.htm http://www.noid.org/~muttvette/opti.html...
  3. redc4corvette

    Help any one know where I can get pully/bracket replacement for A/C

    Anyone know where I can get a pully replacement for the A/C compressor on a 1986 L98. Want to delete the A/C compressor. I have found ford and 94 to 2004 A/C compressor delete brackets for corvette but nothing for a 1986. Thank you in advance!:confused
  4. redc4corvette

    HELP!!86 vett drive shaft round thing on drive shaft what is it for?

    Hi again anyone out there know what the round dampner on the drive shaft yoke is for on a 700R4 trans ?where can I get a new one? The local chevy dealer never heard of it and can't help me,the rubber is bad on it and I know it will not last if I run the car with it.It is on a 1986 L98 vett...
  5. redc4corvette

    Need Info On Trans Mount Good Idea Or Not

    Hi everyone I need to know if anyone has installed a trans mount on a 1994 corvette auto 4l60e and if the traction for the back tires was affected in doing so ?Or is this a bad idea? I would like as much input as you can give me . THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! the car runs 11.20s at 121.32 mph and...
  6. redc4corvette

    94 How do you hook up hurst line lock? ABS-ASR

    Anyone know how to hook up a line lock (HURST) on a 1994 corvette| with ASR-ABS? I found the line from the rear to the right front brake at the engine coming from the ASR unit but no left break line with a fitting. The ASR box controls to the left and right brake I found but don't know where to...
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