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  1. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Less than two weeks left for Race Ramps wheel chock rebate offer

    The Race Ramps factory rebate offer for a free pair of wheel chocks with a $250 purchase ends on 30-Jun-2017. Any combinations of Race Ramps products on one order totaling $250 or more will qualify for the rebate. Race Ramps Promotions and Specials. Best deals on Race Ramps.
  2. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Lowered price on Stahlbus oil drain valve - now $44.95

    Just got an announcement from Stahlbus significantly lowering prices on its oil drain valves and brake bleeder valves. Corvettes use the M12x1.75 thread size. New Pricing! Stahlbus oil drain valve
  3. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Pearl RearVision - the logical choice for a wireless backup camera system

    Reverse Logic is now stocking and shipping the Pearl RearVision wireless backup system. The system installs in 10 minutes without any cable connections. The system consists of three primary hardware components, the license plate frame, the OBD2 adapter, and a magnetic cell phone mount. It...
  4. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Girodisc 2-pc rotors for C7 Z06 w/OE iron rotors + FREE lug guide tools

    Until recently Reverse Logic has focused on tools for DIY auto maintenance for high end vehicles. We just became an authorized Girodisc reseller. Girodisc 2-pc rotors are a direct replacement for OE discs. To promote our expansion into non-tool products we are including a set of three of our...
  5. Fred@ReverseLogic

    FREE Ctek trickle charger with purchase of RR-FS-16-SC Race Ramps Flatstoppers

    During the month of March 2017, Reverse Logic Limited is bundling a FREE Ctek model CTEK56-158-1 trickle charger with the purchase of the new 16" wide RR-FS-16-SC Flatstoppers. At least twelve of these bundles will be available. Orders placed by 31-Mar-1017 are eligible for the Race Ramps $30...
  6. Fred@ReverseLogic

    100mm floor jack extension with 25mm/30mm stem

    The Reverse Logic 100mm tall (about 4") floor jack extension is compatible with floor jacks featuring a removable saddle. The extension can be used to get additional lift from your floor jack in order to raise the tires high enough off the ground to use Race Ramps wheel cribs. The extension...
  7. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Race Ramps deals up to 50% off MSRP

    I am clearing out some LTP (less than perfect) and overstock items from inventory to make room for new orders for up and coming Carlisle Car Shows. First item is a set of 14" wide Flatstoppers with one crumpled corner at the beginning edge. The outer coating is not torn. Price including...
  8. Fred@ReverseLogic

    30 factory rebate on Race Ramps Flattoppers thru 31-Mar-2017

    Orders for RR-FS-10, RR-FS, or RR-FS-16-SC Flatstoppers placed between 16-Jan-2017 and 31-Mar-2017 qualify for a $30 cash back factory rebate. One redemption per household is permitted during the promotion period. The Flatstopper ramps are available in 10", 14", and 16" widths. The 16" wide...
  9. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Overstock Sale on 14" wide Race Ramps Flatstoppers

    If you missed the Flatstopper $25 factory rebate that ended on 31-Dec-2016, here's your chance to get an even better deal on a set of four 14" wide Flatstoppers. Use coupon code "FS-20" to get a 20% discount off our regular price of $254 on 14" wide Flatstoppers. At least 20 sets are available...
  10. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Race Ramps price increase effective 1-Jan-2017

    It's been over five years since Race Ramps raised prices. Most standard part numbers will be increased from 3% to 5% on January 1st. Here are a few examples of the 2017 MSRP for popular ramp models. RR-56-2 56" L x 12" W x 8" H 10.8 degrees - $247 RR-XT-2 67" L x 14" W x 10" H 10.8 degrees -...
  11. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Race Ramps RR-TR-7-FLP Inventory Clearance

    I have two sets of RR-TR-7-FLP ramps that are open box demo ramps. They have never been used to load a car on a trailer, but, customers have walked on them at the Carlisle Car Shows where they were on display this past Season. The ramps have a cut-out that will accommodate the flap on the...
  12. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Race Ramps RED Flatstoppers - Limited Availability

    The new 16" wide Race Ramps Flatstoppers are available in RED as well as traditional black versions. The wider ramps handle 14" wide 355 tires with room to spare. Through 23-Dec-2016 the net price for the RED Flatstoppers is $231.50. Regular price is $310 less Reverse Logic $25 instant...
  13. Fred@ReverseLogic

    New 16" Wide Flatstoppers from Race Ramps

    Race Ramps just introduced a variant of its popular Flatstopper ramps. The 16" wide RR-FS-16-SC ramps are 28" long, or almost 6" longer than the 10" and 14" wide versions. The new Flatstoppers are available in traditional black or bright red. The 16" wide Flatstoppers are eligible for the...
  14. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Up to $25 factory rebate on Race Ramps Flatstoppers

    Race Ramps Q4 2016 rebate offer is $25 cash back on RR-FS 14" wide or $20 cash back on RR-FS-10 10" wide Flatstoppers. Limit one (1) redemption per customer, household or commercial business during the 90-day promotion which ends on 31-Dec-2016...
  15. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Race Ramps at 2016 Corvettes at Carlisle

    Please stop by and see us on the Manufacturer's Midway at the 2016 Corvettes at Carlisle Show next weekend. The show runs from Thursday, 25-Aug, through Sunday, 28-Aug. We will have a wide selection of service ramps, trailer ramps, 4-post lift ramps, and Race Ramps accessories available for...
  16. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Reverse Logic M12x1.5F-200 lug guide tool and Corvette Jack Pad Tool Bundle

    The Corvettes at Carlisle Show is coming up in less than a month. I will be offering a bundle deal on four Reverse Logic jacking pucks and three of the 200mm long lug guide tools for $100. Regular price for these items is $122. I decided to make the same offer to forum members through the end of...
  17. Fred@ReverseLogic

    Best place to buy Race Ramps

    Many Race Ramps customers blindly order from Amazon assuming that its ramp prices are the lowest on the Internet. Reverse Logic customers have learned first hand that our prices are almost always lower than ramp prices at large online resellers. But the real reason Reverse Logic enjoys a loyal...
  18. Fred@ReverseLogic

    15% Father's Day Discount on select Race Ramps, Stahlbus valves, lug guide tools

    From 11-Jun through 25-Jun save 15% at Reverse Logic on the following Father's Day Specials: Race Ramps: - Custom ramp models RLL-59-2, RLL-72-14-2, RLL-80-2, and RLL-87-2 - RR-FS and RR-FS-10 Flatstoppers - RR-CLR-4 Scissor lift ramps - All Heavy Duty Ramps including RR-56-2-HD and RR-XT-2-HD...
  19. Fred@ReverseLogic

    FREE pair of wheel chocks with select Race Ramps service ramps - thru 30-Jun-2016

    Purchase an eligible Race Ramps service ramp model and receive a FREE pair of wheel chocks. Offer good between 01-Apr-2016 and 30-Jun-2016. LTP and slightly used Race Ramps are not eligible for the rebate. The standard ramp models eligible for the mail-in factory rebate are...
  20. Fred@ReverseLogic

    M12x1.5F x 200mm long Reverse Logic lug guide tool

    The Reverse Logic M12x1.5F female threaded lug guide tool, first introduced a year ago, has received many enthusiastic customer reviews. Several customers have requested a longer tool for use with very wide rear wheels. The original tool is 117mm long whereas the newly released M12x1.5F-200...
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