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    Valve Stem Question

    Hello fellow C5'ers! Got a question for anyone who knows. Just bought Zo6 chromies for my 99 coupe and have the tire monitor system. Going with Zo6 sizes for tires and want to keep my tire pressure sensors activated. The valve stems are painted silver and would look funny with the chrome wheels...
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    C4C5 Please Read!

    Paul, Herbie here again in need of your expertise. I was driving on Turnpike and had took it about to about 110 and "Service active handling/tractioncontrol" came on. When it did this I also felt a momentary shudder and It felt like the car was going to lose control, but it did not. It almost...
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    C4c5, Alignment Done Need Opinion

    Paul, had an alignment done after lowering car, need you to look at these specs and advise if done correctly: Here are the before: Left front: Right front: camber -1.0 camber -0.8 caster 6.8...
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    Which Ac Delco Battery?

    C4C5, what is the correct battery that I should use for my 99, the 78P7YR or the 75P7YR? Can the bigger one fit? I was told that the 78P is bigger by about an inch or so. After measuring the hold down bracket/compartment, it seems 9.5 inches in length is about max size. That would mean that the...
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    C5 Rotors and Calipers for sale

    Well, gee, I am not sure where to post for sale items, I have looked all over and did not find anything. If anyone knows, I will be happy to repost. In the meantime I have OEM rotors and calipers for sale off of my 99 coupe since I recently upgraded to sport rotors and Z06 calipers. If anyone is...
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    Bilstein Shocks

    I need some opinions. I keep hearing Bilstein all over the forums and before I go out and spend my hard earned$$$, I wanted all you folks with them to tell me to Bilstein or not to Bilstein. I have the base suspension with Z-06 sway bars and base springs. Tell me what it does for the ride, what...
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    Look At This Site!

    Hey gang, I know we been back and forth on Run Flat VS. Non- Run Flat tires. This site is worth a look! WWW.flatfree.com Herbie
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    Zo6 Maf For Ls1

    Hello all. I have a question. I would like to change the MAF in my 99 LS1 coupe to a 2002 ZO6 MAF. I noticed that Halltech uses it in thier 599.00 T1-C air intake system. I aslo noticed that they mentioned a five pin versus three and two pin plug and play configuration. This is probably a...
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    Bump Steer?

    I have a 99 Torch Red six speed with(unfortunately) FE-1. The car seems to steer itself on bumpy roads or when changing lanes or creases on the roads(like soft shoulders). I notice it's better with traction control off but it still happens. Is this normal? Someone told me that the goodyear...
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