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  1. patsnitrovette

    started detailing the ls1

    i decided to start detailing a few things this week,i did the intake in silver frost pearl,sanded the grain out of it first with 180 dry then wetsanded it with 600 then primed and painted.i think im gone to do a few other items like dipstick and things the same color.I put the fuel rail covers...
  2. patsnitrovette

    LS1 is running

    Well she finally runs,still have some more things to finish up,p/s pump and tensioner,hook up my coild air tube and then ill be ready to take it for a spin,but she fired right up no hesitation.It really sounds good with the hooker sidepipes i wasnt sure how she would sound but i like it.Feels...
  3. patsnitrovette

    carlisle pics-67heaven,vnv,barryk etc...

    Didnt get to meet 67 heaven(too many people talking to you to interupt) but got to see the car,very nice,and marks 502 came out really nice. http://community.webshots.com/album/435413649ZVmkyY
  4. patsnitrovette

    carlisle pics for saturday

    Weather was great and a really good show. http://community.webshots.com/album/435413649ZVmkyY
  5. patsnitrovette

    almost finished my L-88 headlights

    i wasnt too sure of painting them body color so i went with flat black to match some of the accents,black sidepipes,black chip guard on the flared quarters.BUt after posting the pics somewhere else(others think body color too) i think i will do them in electronblue instead.I think im gone to...
  6. patsnitrovette

    pics of my L-88 headlight setup

    I finally recieved my L-88 covers from guldstrand motorsports so i started fitting them,still have to trim them(round edges) and paint them(body color) but there coming out great.ONce the covers are painted around the edges youll never see the brackets,and im looking for some black flat allen...
  7. patsnitrovette

    pics from local show-viet nam vette and a few other members

    Great weather for the show this weekend.mark had his c4 i had my 73 and vettefixer had his black 74,but there a few c1 and c2's also. http://community.webshots.com/album/362081094DIOHgy?375
  8. patsnitrovette

    -=jeff=- thank you!!!

    I sent you an email but i wanted to say on here ,thanks, you went out of your way on making my chip for me and i appreciate it.After sending it back and forth so much you couldve said $%^& off but you made changes for me.Thanks again
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