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    I really need a photo of the vacum hose routing coming and going to the evac can. I have a 1989 auto vette and I dont think my vacum hose routing is correct. I would rather have a photo then a drawing. If anyone can help me out, I thank you very much Mike
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    I need help, you make money

    I am looking for someone in the Austin Area, (Sun City) who would be willing to help me do some work on my stock 89 with only 48,000 miles. The car is in really good shape, but there are two things that I would like to fix. The intake is leaking oil and I need to replace intake gasket. I like to...
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    Wtb scanner

    Wanting to buy a engine scanner I can use on 1989 corvette, but not just a code reader only thanks Mike
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    I'm switching from 2.59 to a 3.07 on my 89 does anyone know if I have to change out vss
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    trying to find 1989 700r4 vehicle speed sensor

    trying to find 1989 700r4 vehicle speedometer speed sensor to work with 3.07 gears, chev part number 25007308 no longer made by chev.
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    speedometer drive and driven gears

    I now have auto 89 vette with 2.59 rear gears I am switching to 3.07. Does anyone know what drive and driven gears I should have. Do I have to switch driven gear or anything else while I'm doing it? Thanks in advance Mike
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    changing rear gears

    I would like to change my 89 automatic 2.59 rears gears to 3.07 1. would I see much improvement in excelleration? 2. better to change just ring and pinion or the whole carrier? 3. what do I have to do to correct speedometer? 4. will is affect transmission shift points 5. recommend shop in...
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    not fixed yet

    Still having a problem with my rear end, I guess I should say my 89's rear end. I have a great 89, coupe with 47000 miles with auto transmission. I have replaced and fixed everything I could find wrong with the car, except this one last problem. I will do my best to describe the problem 1. when...
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    Driveline clunk question

    Is there a way to determine if my drive line clunk is coming from my drive shaft u-joint or the differential pinion gear. I put car on jacks and found the location of the noise. I just can not tell which of the two it is. It's 1989 auto with 47000 miles. It makes noise when I take up slack by...
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    Does the ECM on a 1989 vette have any control over how an automatic transmission works, and if so, can changes be made ?
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    cat converter air tube

    I am replacing my entire exhaust and have the following question about my 1989 coupe I am planning not to put back on the main cat. and am confused about what to do with the air tube fitting that connects to the cat. Can I just cap the end some how. I don't want to do anything permanent...
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    noise determination help?

    On my 1989 vette with auto transmission, when I let up on the gas and then apply gas, I get a clunking noise that sounds like it is coming from rear of car. Happens almost every time, but does not happen under normal up shifting. Is there a way to determine if its a drive shaft u joint, half...
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    Gordon Killebrew accident

    Just posting this for those who might want to send their reguards and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Gordon and Chris About 10 days ago Gordon was making some of his famous bird houses, with he accidently cut off two of his fingers on the table saw. Chris got him to the hospital, two...
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    road force balancing

    Just for info, Discount tires in Georgetown, Texas does road force balancing if requested. I have an appointment today at 3pm to have the two front tires done. The cost with tax is 68.00 I have had them spin balanced, but still have vibration near 53 mph. The only problem will be if the tires...
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    Gordon Killibrew School

    I am planning to go to Gordon's school on C4 vettes August 10-11. I am driving form Texas in my 89. Any one else going ?
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    Dyno Tune worth the money on stock motor?

    I have a stock 89 with L98 engine, 44,000 miles. Would it be worth the money for a dyno tune? Would I see any gain?
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    rocker panel refinish

    On my 89, the rocker panels are in a need of re-finishing from the owner before me driving on too many Texas gravel roads. My car is a very dark gray, almost black in color. I was thinking of spraying on some type of rock guard, bed liner, and then the gray paint over that, followed by clear...
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    oil pressure switch removal question

    does the distributor need to be removed in an 89 l98 to replace the oil pressure switch or is there a better way and does it take a special tool?
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    oil pressures switch vs oil pressure sending unit vs fuel pressure switch

    I am having a problem of long cranking time on cold start on 89 vette. I have read a large number of articles on how the fuel system and oil system interact on start up. One of the problems I have read about is a bad oil pressure switch sending a low voltage to the ECM and not letting fuel get...
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    need to find part for door

    I need to find two of the following parts for my 1989 vette, the FSM calls it a ( clip, side outside handle rod ) its part #57 on page 10-5-3 of the FSM. I can't find any from my normal sources. thanks in advance Mike
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