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  1. 5thgeneration

    Question: Latest and Greatest transmission fluid

    Does anyone know when the "blue"label" ATF was phased into production at the plant ? I'am considering Corvette at dealership but don't want to even bother with it if it does not have it ! Thanks Nick
  2. 5thgeneration

    Like the taillights ! Don't Like the rear end !

    Anyone else feel this way ? Something needs to be changed back there and it's not the taillights ! The lower valance is definitely not working for me. Too much black. I'm willing to bet that the rear is the first thing changed is some way. The centrally located exhaust is fine, but between there...
  3. 5thgeneration

    Grand Sport Exclusive Video - 2010 Grand Sport LS3 Dry Sump System

    That is why capacity was increased, to address this issue.
  4. 5thgeneration

    PCM Reflash for Spark Plugs

    Does anyone know what I can tell the dealer that gives them this information ? I referenced the TSB #03-06-04-060A ( Feb 12, 2007 ) when the dealer looked it up it just mentions the new plugs and talks about the gap. It does not say anything about a PCM reflash ? ;squint:
  5. 5thgeneration

    Yesterday-- chime... chime... chime... DIC Codes !

    While driving through town yesterday I was greeted with DIC display of SERVICE ABS--SERVICE ACTIVE HANDLING--SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL. I cleared the codes and they came right back !! They are C1232 H, B0502 HC, B0507 HC, and B2482 HC Car is a '02 with 3,000 miles on it. Anyone else have this...
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