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    My ressurection

    Hi folks, it's been a while since I was last here. I am finally ressurecting my Corvette after far too much time sitting dormant. My neighbor's kid put a baseball into the windshield last summer but that's OK with me. The car was a rollover when I bought it and the windshield frame never...
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    Windshield Frame

    Anyone know how tough it is to replace a C3 windshield frame? Can it be done without taking the clip off? Mine was bent pretty bad when I bought it as a rollover, now that it's time to replace the windshield I want to get it a little closer than it's been for the past few years.. :) I don't...
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    Hi all, Anyone have any experience with any 5-speed tranny conversions? I'd like to be able to find something out of a production vehicle. I've currently got a T10 in my '78 that needs to be replaced or at least gone through very thoroughly, right now it sounds like a M22 rockcrusher with the...
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