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    Considering this '81 - thoughts?

    Hello all, I'm considering this 1981 corvette, for sale for $12K. It has been owned by the same family (mother to daughter), and has nearly 17K miles. No mods except for stereo, paint/pinstriping, wheels (owner has originals), and possibly exhaust tips? I'm not interested in matching numbers...
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    brake issues-long

    Ok, here goes... I neglected my '76 for a couple of weeks in my yard-I had planned to wash it and never got around to it. Anyway, when I finally started it to put it back on the driveway, the brake pedal slowly went to the floor, hit bottom, and the brake light came on. However, at the...
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    Anybody use Southwest Corvettes in E.P, TX...

    Hi all, I'm stationed in Alamogordo, NM and looking to take my '76 to Southwest Corvette in El Paso, TX. I need a rear end alignment, and was told to go out of town, since most mechanics don't want to take the time and effort to do it correctly. I was hoping someone might have gone to this...
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    wheel bearing dust cover

    Hi, I'm looking to repack my front wheel bearings and replace the rotors, and may need to replace the wheel bearing dust cap. However, I can't find the cover itself anywhere. I tried local parts stores, the Chevy dealer, and a few places on-line. It was suggested I have a machine shop make...
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    silly questions?

    Hi, I posted before about my headlights not coming up all the way on my '76 when I turn my lights on. I can see the logic in bad seals or a leak, but this didn't happen until immediately after I had my ignition switch replaced. Does that change anything?
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    silly questions?

    Hi, I own a '76 Corvette, and I have some general questions. First, I'm looking to install a hi-performance HEI coil, such as an Accel Brute Thunder. Do I have to worry about my lo-performance cap and rotor handling it? I've also got Bosch plugs and wires. Also, I had to tow my car on a front...
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