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    Question: Idling & Running Rough

    Recently my 1994 LT1 4 speed automatic has been idling very rough and will lose power under acceleration. If I drop down a gear ( keeping the RPM's higher ) it will run okay - but not 100%. It feels like bad gas or low octane, but I have changed fuel with 94 octane a few times ( and octane...
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    Back window removal

    How difficult is it to remove the back window on a '94 coupe?
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    Starter wouldn't engage

    During my lunch I was parked for an hour in my '94 and I had to turn the key on and off a few times to adjust the windows / radio etc. When I went to start the car, there was no starter engagement at all. No click, no nothing. All of my lights, radio etc worked. I decided to try it again...
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    Drag radials okay as a street tire?

    BF Goodrich makes a G Force T/A Drag radial 2. Does anyone have these tires already and are they okay, if they are used primarily on the street, for my '94? Most of my driving is around the city with the occasional 100 mile cruise. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Sumitomo Tire Advice

    Looking at Tire Rack's advertisement, they have Sumitomo tires at a great price. They have the 315/35ZR-17 & 275/40ZR-17 listed for a total cost of $550.00 for all four tires of the HTR Z brand. Considering that my driving time is unfortunately limited to local weekend runs, are these tires...
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    Radio reception

    Any tricks on improving the reception on my '94 factory radio?
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    Kick down passing gear not working

    My '94 four speed auto, no longer has the passing kick down gear working. It will automatically upshift into the proper gear, however the cars is gut less if I am trying to pass someone. Any idea what may be causing this?
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    Daytime running light module location

    Can anyone tell me where I can locate the daytime running light module on a '94 LT1?
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    Opti spark

    I was told that since I have to replace the opti spark on my '94, I am better off buying a vented '95 or up version. Any thoughts on if this is recommended?
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    Opti spark question for Vettelt193 (or anyone )

    I am trying to determine if I need to replace my Opti spark on my '94 Automatic, after 80,000 miles. The engine is idling irratically, the drop down gear won't work and my ASR service light is on. I just replaced the TPS and ECM and had all the codes cleared, but the above issues are still...
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    Error codes on OBD2 for a '94

    1994 LT1 I need some help deciphering what these error codes mean. I have a 16 pin DLC and I grounded the #4 and 12 pin, that was recommended for me to do. The error codes that came up, were as follows: 1 H32 1 H34 1 H36 1 H38 4 H22 9 H64 Can anyone help?
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    ASR cable linkage setting

    On my 1994, there is a cable coming off of the ASR box that goes to the throttle body. This cable has a plastic snap clip, that allows the setting to be moved up or down the cable. Does anyone know where the proper setting should be on the cable? My ASR is currently not working ( Service ASR...
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    Grease Fittings

    I have located the upper and lower ball joint grease fittings on my 1994. In the repair manual that I have, that covers the C4 from 1984 to 1996, it indicates that there is / may be fittings for the steering linkages and the rear axle tie rods. Does anyone know if those grease fittings exist...
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    1994 Chassis Lubrication

    1994 Grease fittings location Good evening everyone; Reading my 1984 - 1996 Automotive Repair Manual regarding chassis lubrication, it states that there is grease fittings for the steering linkage, ball joints and rear axle tie rods. On my 1994, I can find the upper and lower ball joint...
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    ASR / Tranny problems

    I need some help regarding a few issues that happened during a long road trip I took in my 1994 automatic, last fall. The ASR light constantly stays on and does not currently work right now. My drop down gear won't work, when I step on the gas. Another issue that may or may not be related is a...
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