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    C5 Magnesium Wheels

    I have a set of Magnesium wheels, caps and lug nut covers off my 2000, I would like to sell . Standard sizes 17 & 18. Normal Dings for their age. One has a small paint chip. I can send pictures if interested $400.00 plus shipping from Sherman Texas. E-mail r-ferguson5@ti.com or call...
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    column Lock

    Service steering column lock is showing up on the DIC. Nothing seems wrong . Any one knows what this could mean? Thanks
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    Any one had any dealings with Grundy Collector Car Ins.
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    Brake Light

    Had the 81's oil changed and greased, ever since the brake light stays on ,any suggestions as to what to look for?
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    Did 1974 models have T-Tops, if not what was the first year? Thanks
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    T-Top Replacement

    Any one know where I can find a driver side glass t-top, mirror finish for my 82? I know Mid America and the other sell them for $1000.00 a pair
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    82 Projects

    I have two projects I need to do on my 82. First I have purchased all new front suspensions parts. I have never attempted to work on the front suspension before. Is this something I can do or would it be best to take it to a shop? I would like to change this out myself but I don't really know...
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    Rear Calipers

    I just changed the rear calipers, hose and steel lines on my 82. When completed, I went for a test drive and heard a slight rubbing sound on the left side when I turned left. I pulled of the left wheel to recheck every thing and noticed I hadn't tighted the front caliper bolt tight . After...
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    More Brake Questions

    I posted before on my problems with air in my brake lines, but i have another question, I understand the possibility of the calipers pumping air through the o rings. My question, is there special calipers that prevent this ? Can i use GM, Mid America Vette brakes etc. Also if this does not...
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    Another A/C Question

    I've noticed that when the engine in the 82 is in a strain ( acceleration,going up hills etc) The air flow from the A/C almost stops, when the engine levels off the air is flowing again. What causes this. Thanks
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    1977 vs. 1982

    1977 has a carburetor and no computer is this right? I am thinking of swapping the 82 for a 77,any comments from any one? I like th idea of a single carb, and no computer for future rebuilds. All opinions would be appreciated.
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    New Carpet

    I need to replace the carpet in my 82. Any suggestionson who to buy from? One friend told me Al Knoch, another bought his from Corvette Central. Any pros,cons would be appreciated.
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    brake fade

    About every 800 miles I have to re-bleed the brakes on the 82. I can't find any leaks or have to replace any fluid. I bleed them and the brake peddle seems very strong. then gradually you can tell they get a little softer till the brake warning light comes on, Pump it a couple of times and it...
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    1982 A/C Temp.

    Can any one tell me about how cold the air should be coming out of the a/c vents, if the system has been changed over to 134a on a 1982? I have heard that it is not as cold as r12 but mine does not seem very cold. Thanks
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    Cat converter

    This has probably been answered 500 times here, but does removing the cat. converter from a strictly stock exhaust on a 1982 effect the performance or sound, thanks
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    Just curious how do glasspacks compare to mufflers such as flowmaster etc. on a 82 Vette
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    Water Temp. Sensor

    Where is the water temp. sensor located on the 82 crossfire. Mine bottoms out on the hot side as soon as I crank it. Does the 82 crossfire have the optispark (just curious)?
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    Classic Car Insurance

    Has anyone used Classic Car Insurance companies such as Grundy, Haggerty etc. Any thought or feedback. I saw last night on TV that Grundy did not limit you on miles per year.
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    Anti freeze

    What are your opinions on the green antifreeze vs the orange antifreeze in later model cars.
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    1982 Brake Caliper

    I am going to replace the right front brake caliper on my 82. This is my first time to do this. Is there any little secrets I should know.
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