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  1. KTM

    Found 67 convertible

    It took many years and many different cars before I did found my dream car the 1967 convertible. This car is very well kept and very nice driver (maybe some show but it is not the main reason). I sold my fomer 1964 coupe at January and found this 67 in February. In May it arrived to me and I...
  2. KTM

    Mid Year side exhaust installing

    Over the years I have collected parts for siden exhust system for Mid Year. I checked from AIM the installing instructions and notised that originally at factory they did some cutting. Do anyone have pictures of those cuttings. I do not want cut wrong way.
  3. KTM

    Some updates to web page

    I have planned to update to our web page restoredsportscars.com to my personal section pictures of my previous cars. It took only four years, but now it is done and here they are: - 1964 Silver Blue Coupe. Originally one owner California car. - 1965 Red Coupe. Real export car. - 1969 Blue...
  4. KTM

    Airfilter element for 1963 - 65 (AC Delco A353C)

    It seems that Delco A353C element is long gone and prices in e-bay are quite high (500 - 800 USD). I have no name replacement and it won´t fit in. Element is too high and now I try to find replacement filter which is correct in all mesures. Any suggentions for good paper element?
  5. KTM

    1964 Coupe resto

    I have done at last winter small scale resto for my ´64 coupe. Now e.t.a. for first start is next Wednesday. So here is some info what has been done and what has happened. All pictures you can find here But some extra info: - This is what I bought. Nice driver - Headliner was ugly - But...
  6. KTM

    Vintage air or Hot Rod air A/C?

    I bought couple weeks ago nice driver condition ´64 coupe. It has nice options (L75, M20, A31, A01, C60, U69 and leather seats). Only bigger problem is that A/C is not working. It came partly in car, partly in box and plastic bag. My idea is replace remains of factory A/C with new Vintage Air...
  7. KTM

    1967 sb with factory installed bb hood

    In Noland Adams book there was story of problems at factory with std sb hood and for some time they installed bb hoods for all Corvettes. I dont remember but was it March of 1967? Maybe so, but does anyone here own or have pictures of one of these cars. I have never seen one and it would be nice...
  8. KTM

    Stingray and 427 badges

    Hello, some previous owner has removed 427 numbers from the hood and Stingray badges from front fenders. Where I can find places for these items? I have to drill new holes, so it would be nice if they are at right place. If any of you have pictures taken these badges at their correct place I...
  9. KTM

    L71 air cleaner

    Hello, I bought couple of days ago very nice ´69 convertible with L71. Nice car indeed, but there is that original type foam air cleaner element. Ís there available paper element? I think for normal street use paper element would do nicely and for show is that foam element.
  10. KTM

    LS1 Engine to Mid Year

    I am planing to start a new project. This time no more restoration for me. I have found ´65 coupe witch has seen lot´s of many things. I planned to install LS1 engine and T56 trans from Camaro or Firebird. Has anybody here done this before? Does someone do enginemounting parts and how you have...
  11. KTM

    327 block numbers

    There is 327 block # 3782870 witch might be very nice for my ´65. Date is A135, so it is made January 13th 1965, but front rh-side VIN Code/suffix area is very interesting. Usually there is A1234BC style code, but here is 855655249. Is this some Canadian system or what?
  12. KTM

    GM L88 hood or repro

    Is this GM original L88 hood or some repro. Usually GM original hoods are smooth inside, but here at scoop surface is not sooth at all.
  13. KTM

    1965 hub caps

    if anyone of you have set of 1965 hub caps and you are interested to sell them please let me know. Driver quality is enough. I have in my Vette K/O-wheels, but those original hub caps are nice to have items ;)
  14. KTM

    Funny VIN#

    I saw very funny VIN# in one 1965 Vette. It is not usual 194675S123XXX, but it is GA14XXX. Could this be stolen car sometimes ago and then it has got some kind of new VIN? There is some papers from Georgia and this VIN is on those papers. All original plates under the glove compartment has been...
  15. KTM

    1990 Colors, all with clearcoat or not?

    My friend own a 1990 ZR1 and he says that there is clearcoat over his car paintjob. Color code is 81 Bright Red. Are all colors clearcoted from factory and if so since when?
  16. KTM

    Original aluminium intake manifolds

    I have ´67 L79 intake manifold and does Chevrolet paint them or where they unpainted? This particular manifold is painted with silver, but I don´t know if it is done by some previous owner or factory.
  17. KTM

    Angle Plug Cylider Heads

    I have in my ´65 Vette cast iron angle plug cylinder heads. Does anybody know the size of valves and combustion chambers? I found part # 4011084 and date L075. I think date means 12.7.85? Engine was built in 1986 by one local shop.
  18. KTM

    Ignition wire routing in no radio car

    Does anyone of you have pictures or knolege of ignition wire routing in no radio car. My ´65 coupe has come without radio from factory and now I need to know what way they did route ignition wires. Were wires put same way like radio cars, but without shielding or were the wires routed over the...
  19. KTM

    Lost numbers in engine id pad

    Hi, my Vette has lost it´s #-match engine in early 80´s. Now I maybe found it or not. This 327 engine is very good and dates are very close in inletmanifold and cylinder heads. Problem is that sometimes ago in the machine shop block is done desent way and allmost all info on the id pad has...
  20. KTM

    1963-67 1/18 Die-Cast

    It seems that there is ´63, ´66 and ´67 models available, but does anyone know is there manufacturer for ´64 and ´65 1/18 Die-cast Corvettes?
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