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  1. Mikes64

    Electric Top Problems

    Have a 2005 convertible that I have sent to the shop several times to get the top to open or close, you never know what will happen. It appears to be out of whack and will partly close and sometime jam the deck lid into the glass. They have set the codes several time, told me it works, and...
  2. Mikes64

    Active Handling Message

    Just traded my 2004 for a 2005 convertible. Just returned from a 2000 mile roadtrip to NM, drove top down thru the mountains. What a great car. Anyway, today I have a message that the active handling needs service. This car only has 6,000 miles, and I am wondering if this is a code that can...
  3. Mikes64

    C-6 VS. C-5

    Would like some advice owners have that have owned a C-5 and now own a C-6. I looked at a 2007 and am considering trading up. Somehow the car seems narrower inside. I know it is shorter and has more HP, but are there any problems anyone has had. Thanks for the help.
  4. Mikes64

    Glass Top

    I have ordered a glass top for my car from West Cost Corvettes, and was wondering if anyone ordered anything from them and had any problems. It seems that the top is on back order. Anyone else have one and where did you get it. Thanks
  5. Mikes64

    64 Coupe

    I have a 64 coupe that I am trying to find some previous owner information. It was purchased from the Vette Shop in Belleville, IL in 1989. Wondering if anyone in that area knows the shop or if it is still in business. Also, anyone know how to contact Illinois Dept of Motor Vehicle. Any help...
  6. Mikes64

    Engine Number

    Have just recently purchased a 1964 Coupe with a 327 ci, 365 hp engine. Have checked intake @ carburator #/s and they seem to match. However, the engine block number appears to be V0915YW on some papers that I have for a rebuild on the motor. My question is if this is the correct motor for...
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