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    Thanks to all for the information and updates that all do on the ZR1. I am new to the car as my last was a 2013 base car. I started with a 93.. This car is cyber gray... vin # 7... its got about 13K miles. So far i have really like the car.
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    Question: 2009 ZR1 back up camera

    Just purchase a 2009 ZR1 it has the bose system and flat screen radio but no back up camera or front camera. Has any one installed these and what it the better ?? Thanks bobby
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    Help! Ac/heater control issue

    I have a 93 6 speed LT1 . I had the clutch slave cyclinder replaced and now the control unit does not work. It was having some issues with being able to control the temp, but now nothing..I have taken the unit out and redone the contacts and cleaned up but still nothing ..the lights are anything...
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