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  1. 3XBLACK67

    Question: How to find 2017 GS odometer?

    Oh! How embarrassing! I have a '17 C7 Grand Sport convertible, pretty highly optioned, with 7 sp. manual trans. I was asked by my insurance guy for the car's mileage the other day, and have not been able to find to find either the odometer or trip odometer.:duh I could not find any help in the...
  2. 3XBLACK67

    Grand Sport callaway 25th anniversary or C7 Z06?

    If you had your choice between the two of them, which would you take? I would lean toward the Callaway because only 25 were made, I love its looks, and it's plenty fast, though the Z06 is faster, and has the C7 interior.
  3. 3XBLACK67

    Are prices for C2s and C3s finally going up?

    I didn't get to Bloomington Gold this year, but have reviewed the Mecum auction results. It seems that the market is finally improving for either "original" or nicely cared for C2s and C3s. Until now, since the market tanked in 2007 or 2008, it was a very strong buyer's market. Things might...
  4. 3XBLACK67

    Question: 2014 C7 line-up? Options? Cost?

    Is there any information available as to whether there will be a C7 convertible? How about special models like the Z06, ZR 1, GS, and 427? What features come with the car and what options are available? How much will the car in all available forms cost?
  5. 3XBLACK67

    Help! How to Remove Dried Coolant from Painted Surface?

    The underside of my hood is painted gloss black. Some time ago some coolant leaked from the upper radiator hose, and the fan must have blown it onto the underside of the hood, where the heat from the engine dried and "cooked" it onto the painted surface. The dried coolant now looks and feels...
  6. 3XBLACK67

    Question: Thermostat housing leak.

    A small amount of anti-freeze leaks from the bottom of the thermostat housing on my 427/390, where the housing joins the intake manifold. I have tried different gaskets and stop leak products with no luck. Today I took the housing to a shop to have it machined flat, in case it had warped a bit...
  7. 3XBLACK67

    1999 Corvette Fixed Roof Coupe, 6 Speed, 14K Miles, Black

    1999 Corvettefixed roof hardtop coupe. Only 14,600 miles. 6-speed stick. Black paint &interior. Original GM 1999 wheels, chromed. Breathless Performanceintake system. Corsa exhaust. Otherwise stock. Original parts gowith car. Options are: active handling, Bose system, remote CD player...
  8. 3XBLACK67

    Brake Fluid Stains On Garage Floor

    My garage is not a Garage Mahal, but it's nice, and I try to keep it up. It has a very cool acrylic floor that has stood up to a lot for about ten years. Unfortunately, my C3's front brakes leaked a bit of brake fluid. The fluid has left a nasty light brown stain. Nothing that I have tried to...
  9. 3XBLACK67

    Question: 1967 radiator inspection stickers

    ;shrugMy 1967 is a '67 427/390 with air. I have sworn off having my car judged in NCRS or similar events. I decided it's time to just enjoy it. However, I have one judging-type question which is so difficult to answer that when I asked 3 different NCRS judges, I got a different answer each time...
  10. 3XBLACK67

    Can't upload photo of car

    I would like to show a pic of my car below my name, like all you other folks, but can't figure out how. Guess i am really old school. Can anyone help? I did manage to put a photo of the car in my profile.:confused
  11. 3XBLACK67

    tires for 1967

    I am shopping for new tires for my 1967 big block. I have pretty much decided on Firestone radials, size 215 75 R15, but am wondering whether people have had experience with these tires, or have a better idea. I want the car to look good, but I also want to enjoy driving it, and my NCRS...
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