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  1. frank_nesta

    Help! Ac repair.

    I have my old R12 Manifold. Check with your friends, I would bet someone has one.
  2. frank_nesta

    Missing Diagram?

    I am redoing my front brakes and went to my trusty AIM and can not find a detailed diagram for 1977 corvette steering knuckle wheel hub assembly diagram. I was looking for the caliper bracket dust shield and associated hardware. Am I missing something?
  3. frank_nesta

    HyperKuhl Super Coolant

    Have any of you ever heard or used HyperKuh with an aluminum radiator? If not do you have an opinion? Were I live we do not need Antifreeze, but I want to protect my radiator corrosion. HyperKuhl SuperCoolant
  4. frank_nesta

    Grand Sport Convertible top scarring

    So Paul, have you seen the holes from the screws I mentioned?
  5. frank_nesta

    Grand Sport Convertible top scarring

    Cloth rubbing on cloth will scare or show ware. I have a 99 that did the same thing. I put towels down to eliminate the ware or slow it down where the top folds on to itself. Then a small line showed up. I looked for the source of the line and I found that there was a screw that was...
  6. frank_nesta

    Help! Californian's SEMA need our help Please read below.

    California Introduces Bill to Exempt pre-1981 Vehicles From Emissions Inspection Requirement In 2004, legislation was enacted to repeal California’s rolling emissions-test exemption for vehicles 30 years old and older and replace it with a law requiring the lifetime testing of all 1976 and newer...
  7. frank_nesta

    Question: Silicon Hoses

    Have any of you seen the cool looking colored Radiator and heater Silicon hoses? It looks like Corvette Central is offering them for C5 and C6's. But, I have not seen them for a C3. I have contacted the company (Samco Sport USA) and they are willing to make them if I provide them samples. I hae...
  8. frank_nesta

    Help! Headlight Modification

    I saw this headlight modification in the latest edition of Vette magazine, March 2012. They accredit John Drahos of Corvette Conspiracy for the work on this Corvette and Ed Roethel for the headlights. Since I am in the process of restro-rodding my 1977 Corvette and I always liked the look of...
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