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    Help! Incoming bluetooth calls not displaying

    i have 2018 stingray coupe w/z51. iphone 10 has been successfully paired and contacts are loaded in car. when connected to bluetooth the car display does not show caller. is there a setting in either car and or phone that i need to change to get the call to display on car display?
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    cockpit cover

    i'm a new and first time owner. i have a 2018 stingray coupe. i recently attended a car show where i saw a lot of convertible vettes with cockpit covers. do they make one for coupes and if so where would i look to find them? thanks. tom
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    Question: Navigation eit numbers/names

    I just bought a 2018 Z51-3LT. I would like to know if there is any way to display on the Vette NAV the exit numbers/names (when on an interstate for example). My MB ML350 shows exit numbers (not names) which is a nice feature I'd like to have in the Vette.
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