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  1. Tripleblack51

    First ever Corvette virtual car show!!

    Hi all, since we have to stay in here in South Florida and many places, I thought we could still enjoy each other's rides on the site! Let's see some pics of your corvette!! Would be great if we could merge this into one thread across the site.:beer I'll start.. Here's my 2017 Z06. 2LZ, M7...
  2. Tripleblack51

    Cool pics of your C1 & C2 corvette!! Post 'em!

    This is a picture of my 67 at a show a few months back. I did not take it, but the red is really alive in this shot. I just did the effect around the edges. Got what you think is a cool or unusual shot of your baby? Let's see it!! :w
  3. Tripleblack51

    New member, Motor City Mold hood!

    New member, Motor City Mold hood Club! I just had my new MCM SC hood done last week. After hearing and seeing what beautiful hoods they are and how well they fit etc., I took the plunge. Everything I'd heard is true. After seven and a half years of ownership and 62k miles, my baby needed some...
  4. Tripleblack51

    Video: Happy Fourth of July!!

    Here's one of my favorite videos..good stuff from long ago. Enjoy. :beer http://www.poofcat.com/july.html YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfz2XDXaeqc
  5. Tripleblack51

    C5 roll call! Start of a wave..

    Ok...who's here? How about a wave? I see some familiar "faces" on the "Wheels & Tires" thread, but let's see how many folks are still checking in on the CAC C5 forum! Hello from sunny and muggy south Florida! :w Pedro
  6. Tripleblack51

    Cool corvette stories...

    Ok, I'm sure we all have some neat corvette stories to tell. I've read quite a few here but I'm sure that is just the tip of the iceberg. Well, it's time to 'fess up. I'll start off by sharing something that happened a few years ago. My wife and I were at Bowling Green for the 50th...
  7. Tripleblack51

    Caught trying to drive off in my '67!!

    It's a good thing he didn't figure out how to move the seat forward! This is my first grandchild, Jake. We got to keep him overnight this weekend. What a pleasure and joy he is. He is truly a blessing. I'm introducing him to corvettes early. Hopefully, he'll love them one day too. When...
  8. Tripleblack51

    How much do you drive your C1- C2?

    Ok...'fess up, How much do you drive your C1- C2? I've been around vettes and vette people for a few years now, attended lots of shows, cruise-ins and cruises. I've met people that have both new and older vettes that rarely drive them. When their cars are driven, it is only to a show...
  9. Tripleblack51

    Please help!!..cooling question for '67 coupe

    I bought and installed a restoration radiator from Tom Dewitts. The model I got is the Sp20 with the 16" fan. I installed the radiator and it works great....too great! I have not installed the relay and heat sending unit that came with the fan. This is because there is no additional port for...
  10. Tripleblack51

    So tell me...

    When and how did you acquire your C1-C2? I had been looking for a midyear for a few years then gave up and got into the C5s. Two and a half years ago I was at a car show and my friend came up and said some guy was selling a midyear. I met and spoke with him and found out it was a coupe. I had...
  11. Tripleblack51

    Al Knoch seat covers for 67

    Guys, I've got a a pair of new Al Knoch seat covers in the box waiting to be put on. The driver's side on the old set is showing some wear and I will just replace them both. My question to you is, how challenging is it to do this job? The foam is allright and does not need replacing. BTW, the...
  12. Tripleblack51

    Have a Safe & Happy

    4th of July! And for our Canadian Friends..happy Canada Day! Drive your C1's and C2's. Now Bob won't move the thread..because I mentioned C1 and C2. See I did it again! Now it is a specific C1 & C2 thread! Anyway, for those of you planning a long week end, be safe out there. Here's to...
  13. Tripleblack51

    Baby returns..

    Ok guys... here it is. We have all been pulling for Barry and Baby (wing/paint) respectively. Let's have a little fun with this.. Let's see who can predict the day that Barry brings Baby home. I made the first prediction in Paul79's post but decided to start a new thread. Hey, maybe Paul...
  14. Tripleblack51

    Body Double

    I have noticed that there are some people here whose vettes are spitting images of each other and thought it might be an interesting/fun thread to see how many matches we have. Let's see how close our cars are by: Year Body Style Cosmetics = Paint scheme, wheels, interior Mechanical= Pretty...
  15. Tripleblack51

    '67 Corvette Script valve covers..what is correct?

    Help me out here guys, On my '67 the scripted valve covers have a dull finish to them. I have seen several that are polished. How did they come from GM originally? Polished or dull? Thanks, Pedro
  16. Tripleblack51

    Barry...where are the pics?

    (Chant) We want Baby! We want Baby! How's the "wing" coming along? :w
  17. Tripleblack51

    When my coupe grows up...

    I want it to look like this!! Man, what an incredible looking beast that is! I never get tired of looking at it.. :beer Pedro
  18. Tripleblack51

    Oil Viscosity...interesting reading

    Guys, I found this to interesting reading. I'm not a gearhead, but am learning, so I benefited from this. Though some of you will already know most of what's in the article, I thought I would share for those that don't . Best regards. Pedro...
  19. Tripleblack51

    Pictures of your mid year..

    Got any new pics of your midyear? I took a few of mine a few weeks ago at my buddy's place. I thought I'd share... Post 'em if you got em!! :w Pedro
  20. Tripleblack51

    C2 Prices...

    Is it me or have C2 prices gone a little north since the Barret Jackson auction a few weeks ago? Just for giggles and grins, I often check on C2 ads/prices on a couple of sites. Focusing specifically (but not limited to) on 67 vettes, it seems that small block 67 prices are where big block...
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