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    For Sale ALL SEASON TIRES FOR Z06 & GRAND SPORT for sale

    A set of 4 Super Sport A/S 3+ tires for sale for a C7 Z06 or C7 Grand Sport with 9200 miles on them. 7/32 tread left. Rt front has a patch as there was a very small nail in it. $650. Call 406 544 4641.
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    LS7 in a 2006 Z06 reliability

    A good friend of mine is thinking about selling his 2006 Z06 because he just found out that it has a potential head problem of some kind and if it "fails" he would have to put a new engine in at the tune of $12,000 or so and he can't afford that. What are the odds of his engine failing and is...
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    Callaway or Lingenfelter

    If someone had the $18,000 or so to upgrade their C7 Z06 to Callaway's 757 hp or Lingenfelter's 800 hp; which would be the best one to get and why? Anyone out there unhappy with either upgrade? There are trade-offs on anything you do to your Z06. Does one out shine the other in overall pros and...
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    What more does PTM give me

    What is the driving handling difference, with all the computers on, between TRACK MODE, without PTM on and TRACK MODE with PTM on say in Sport 1? Or otherwords what is the advantage of going to Sport 1 over just Track Mode?
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    I have to buy another set of tires tomorrow, I guess. I see the CONTINENTAL EXTREMECONTACT SPORT are now available besides the Michelin Pilot Super Sport which came with the car. The Continentals are NOT run flat but are about 2/3rds the price of the Michlelins. Do we need run- flats? Are the...
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    I have a '16 Z06 with an automatic. I was racing in the LS FEST WEST Road Course Challenge in Las Vegas last week. After 4 laps the bells started dinging and I looked down and saw my coolant was 282 degrees and I left the track short of my allotted laps. Is there a "fix" for the overheating...
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    Insurance for running at LS FEST

    Is there insurance for running at LS FEST anywhere anyone knows of? I know the normal State Farm type insurance isn't going to cover crashing at an event like that. If you know of an insurance to that kind of an event, let us know. By the way, I ran last year and that was the most fun I have...
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    Nitrous to a LS3

    Could I add nitrous to my '09 LS3 with no harm potential? If so, aren't there several different kinds of nitrous like wet or dry and progressive etc. How much rear wheel hp would it add? Or is it not worth the risk of blowing up the engine or other maladies? I need a quicker 1/4 mile time.
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    Wheels/tires for autocrossing

    My '80 has 255/60/15 tires. I want to do some serious auto crossing. Would I be a lot better served to go to say a 255/45/18 wheel/tire combo, but at a cost of hundreds of dollars, or just add a few pounds of air to the tires that I have? Other words, how much would the modern wheel/tire combo...
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    Mode information available somewhere in detail (other than the corvette manual)

    The new corvettes have 5 modes and the last mode has 5 additional modes to it in performance traction mode. The corvette manual doesn't explain in the detail I want to know. Is there any other publication out that does? I bought a camera a couple of years ago and the manual didn't explain in...
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    Holley LS Fest

    I just came back from the Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green and it was FANTASTIC with lots of vendors, new folks to meet, tons of cars with LS conversions, a show and shine and lots of drag racing, auto crossing, drifting demos, countryside cruise etc. If you entered and ran your car it was even...
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    Cold air supply and a custom tune

    Do we Z06 owners have a car that doesn't supply it's air from the outside of the car and therefore as cold as it can be? If not, why not? Are there kits that do and which ones work best? And does the factory "tune" not get all the horsepower that is there, so do we need a custom tune? Or is...
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    What is the tire temperature that we can run our new car tires down to?

    What is the lowest temperature we can run the C7 tires down to (excluding the sport cup 2 on the Z07 packages). I hear 45 degrees and I hear 20 degrees (Feh.). After that they are supposed to start cracking. Anyone know the answer?
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    Can anyone tell me what the various vents do on the Z06 and can some of them be sprayed with water to clean them out or not?
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    Horsepower and torque curve for Z06

    Where can I get a horsepower and torque curve chart for the Z06?
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    Tire nets

    Where can I buy nets that go over the tires so I can tie the car down in an enclosed trailer?
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    How many cars did they build like mine?

    I bought a show room display 2016 corvette the other day (I just couldn't help myself). My FIRST new corvette. How can I find out how many other new 2016s look like the one I bought?
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    Car care

    I just bought a new corvette (2016). What interior and exterior products should I be using on it?
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    Have the 2016s stopped projection and when do the 2017s start to get built?

    Just wondered when the 2016s stop being built and the 2017s start to be built. I have turned in an order with my dealer (2017) but I don't believe it has been "accepted" yet? When should it be?
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    GM corvette rebates

    How does a buyer of a new corvette find out what rebates are in effect when he buys? The dealer might know or not of all the rebates. Is there a GM site to go to?
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