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  1. Trance_LT4

    Carputing Phone Number???

    Carputing, the makers of LT1 edit, don't have a phone number on their website anywhere, and its not listed with 411 directory assistance. My order for LT1 Edit is nearly a month overdue from the email of when I could expect it. I've emailed them 4 times without response. Do any of you who...
  2. Trance_LT4

    Missing at High RPM

    I've got a miss under WOT that starts around 5000 and higher, slightly lower in 4th and 5th. I know that this could be detonation, or my knock sensor getting a false reading pulling timing away. My question is about the other posibilities, like fuel starvation (doubtful), dirty injectors...
  3. Trance_LT4

    New Paint job?

    I've been thinking about a new paint job.......but white over red wasn't what I had in mind.
  4. Trance_LT4

    Suspension: Alignment settings

    My normal driving routes from my house to all the places I go, I encounter alot of long right hand turns (off/onramps for instance) and I've noticed that the outside of my front left tire is near bald, and the inside still has medium tread. So, I want to put in a little more negative camber. I...
  5. Trance_LT4

    LT4 More on LT4 Clutch/flywheel

    I just ordered a single mass aluminum flywheel and stage 2 clutch (stars brand, I think) from Doug Rippie motorsports, and will be coming this week sometime. My question is, every bit of work I get done on my car, the mechanic always complains to me afterward about the vette being "special"...
  6. Trance_LT4

    Ring and Pinion prices

    I've been thinking of swapping my 3.45 gears for 4.10 or higher, and in my research, a couple questions have come up that I don't have answers to. #1 Why do gear companies (such as richmond gear) sell dana 44 ring and pinion sets for $150 give or take, and when I shop for the same thing at...
  7. Trance_LT4

    Hypertech Junk

    I just got back from carlisle, and while I was there, I had my car dynoed. I had previously had it dynoed in stock form at 305/315 hp/tq. After a few minor mods, one of them being a Hypertech programmer, I figured I'd pick up a few ponies.....wrong. I dynoed at 295/305. The technitian said my...
  8. Trance_LT4

    Headers, need to move fast

    I am about to buy a set of full length headers off an 85 corvette for my 96 LT4 vette. I've been told they should fit the engine no problem. I have a few concerns I need to have addressed by folks who know. #1 I don't have EGR, and I'm sure that these headers aren't equipped for EGR, so no...
  9. Trance_LT4

    Cooling problems

    My 96 LT4 heats up slowly , and will sometimes even maintain regular operating temp. between 195-215, but the second it gets to 225 it skyrockets up to 245-250 and completely fills the overflow tank to bubbling over. It does this whether I'm driving or if its started cold and allowed to idle in...
  10. Trance_LT4

    Coolant Bypass

    I recently ordered the "throttle body coolant bypass" and discovered it to be a waste. #1 it didn't fit right (one side was too large to fit either hose end) #2 the modification didn't require any kit at all. The hose that runs from the area at the top/right of the radiator over to the left side...
  11. Trance_LT4

    1st gear shimmy

    Friend of mine asked me a question I couldn't answer. He's a got a 6 speed in his C4, and the car shakes a bit when he slips the clutch to start off (like from a stoplight). He either has to really goose it, or not use any gas when he starts off to not shake. Sounded odd to me, any ideas?
  12. Trance_LT4


    I have headlights that are very moody on my 96. The left one will work most of the time, the right one never works. When I spit the lines and run both off the left wires, they open half way. Currently I have both sides cut and am operating them manually. Do I need new motors? Are the gears...
  13. Trance_LT4

    Racing Brake Fluid

    I have a 96 LT4 Coupe as a daily driver that I want to use for an occasional trip to the track/road circuit. I've got some pretty good aftermarket brakes on there, but I don't know about the fluid. Is racing brake fluid bad for street use? If it is, I'd like some opinions on how well DOT4 rated...
  14. Trance_LT4

    Long Tube headers

    New owner of a 96 LT4, and I want to put long tube headers and flowmasters on my car, which is going to be catalytic converter delete (I always gut them anyway). I know Doug Rippie offers them, does anyone else? If anyone knows how hard they are going to be to put on , please let me know. I can...
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