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  1. LLC5

    What The Hell

    So apparently Rob is pushing Corvette Central and Vettetube by flooding the site? I personally don't agree with this tactic.
  2. LLC5

    News: What the hell, no c8 chatter......

    It's been almost 48 HRS since the launch and no real opinion on the Good, Bad, or Ugly? Lets' tear it apart, or build it up! What are everyone's impressions?
  3. LLC5

    BBC Top Gear is back...

    Sort of. Clarkson, Hammond, and May are on Amazon internet on a show called The Grand Tour and it is free with my Prime membership, so it may cost to watch if your not subscribed. The first season has about 4 episodes in it so far, and it is new every Friday. It's just like they never left...
  4. LLC5

    Grand Sport run flat tires

    We would need to know the exact tire inflator kit that you are talking about. What you would need to look for is the total volume of air that is supplied to the tire to supply the correct pressure.
  5. LLC5

    Grand Sport Catch Can Installed

    I go back to the per-emmision days, when we would add vents to the valve covers. After a Sunday afternoon at the drag strip the valve cover breathers would leave a light coating of oil on the valve covers. I'm old enough to remember as a kid crossing a street and having to walk over tar...
  6. LLC5

    Grand Sport Catch Can Installed

    What problem are you trying to fix with it?
  7. LLC5

    Grand Sport After Market Warranty Question

    Yes, there is a pretty good mark up in aftermarket and OEM insurance policies. Your playing it smart shopping early, and you are correct if you don't use it you will be wasting your money. Keep in mind that there are many spiffs attached to the insurance sellers salary, the end of the month...
  8. LLC5

    Grand Sport After Market Warranty Question

    It's usually electrical items that will give the most problems, but if you do experience any powertrain repairs they will give you sticker shock. When you shop for any warranty, make sure that you price zero deductible's. If you have a deductible, then every time you have a claim the price of...
  9. LLC5

    Grand Sport removing gas from the tank

    The best way to do it would be to disconnect the fuel supply line to the injector rail and run a petrol compatable rubber line from the supply line into a large catch can. Jump the fuel pump relay and let the vehicle fuel pump discharge the fuel. It will be important to make sure that the...
  10. LLC5

    Grand Sport Thank God We are not alone.

    It would be cheaper to flip to a 2012 that has what you want on it when you add in the depreciation factor of a altered vehicle along with the cost of conversion. Smart money is to leave your vehicle as is and enjoy it. Your vehicle is more car than you can legally use on the street, and unless...
  11. LLC5

    Grand Sport 2012 corvette order

    Nice color. What interior color is that? Did you get to pick the caliper color as they state for model year 2012?
  12. LLC5

    Grand Sport 2012 corvette order

    Gang shipping is cheaper than individual shipping. Most likely they are waiting for a full truck or rail car. Nice ride, what color?:)
  13. LLC5

    Grand Sport '10 GS Callaway Supercharged Roadster

    The spoiler looks ridiculous.
  14. LLC5

    Grand Sport SO - Has anyone placed their order for a 2010 Grand Sport yet?

    Glad to hear it all worked out in the end. Beautiful vehicle.
  15. LLC5

    Grand Sport SO - Has anyone placed their order for a 2010 Grand Sport yet?

    Sounds like a classic "bait and switch" coming right from the top. And yes, there certainly is "something they can do", and actually very easily. I think their loyalty has already been established by that ridiculous statement. Hope it all works out for you despite GM's attitude.
  16. LLC5

    GM Bankruptcy question

    I have asked this question before, but never recieved an answer. 1) Does anyone know if GM and Chrysler have to legally pay back the billions that were given to them by Obama before their bankruptcy, or is the debt wiped clean and they are NOT legally required to pay it back?
  17. LLC5

    Polishing stainless steel

    Has anyone found a way to polish stainless steel to make it look like chrome/near chrome, if so what product did you use?
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