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    Sudden Power Loss

    So today I go to leave work, get in my car ('96), turn it on and everything is normal. As soon as I turn the key to start the engine the whole thing dies. Complete power loss. It's like someone cut the battery wire at just that moment. I had it happen to me a few weeks ago, but just...
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    Is it possible?

    Is it possible to upgrade a manual heater/ac control to the automatic one? What else is there besides the head unit itself? Hope this isn't too stupid of a question :)
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    It just won't start...

    I bought a '96 coupe a few weeks ago and I'm already having problems... The other day I drove home and parked it. The next morning the engine would crank but wouldn't fire up. There was no indication that it was having problems performance-wise, but the SES light had come on solid and stayed...
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    Code 71?

    Hello everyone, I recently picked up a '96 vette and had a question... When I first got it there was a cracked connecter from the alternator which was keeping the battery from charging. I believe this was the cause of the "sys" light and other electrical oddities based on what I've read...
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