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  1. cruzer99

    Powder Coated Calipers

    I have several sets of C5 calipers for sale.
  2. cruzer99


    Lined up and ready to go Just a few Some big blocks Sorry but I had to show this The winner was the kids....filled a 5 ton truck with toys..........
  3. cruzer99


  4. cruzer99

    Sat Morn in Calif

    This happens every Sat morning, coffee and donuts at the local Vette shop (Motor Sport Image) Almost Nov. and pushing 80 deg.
  5. cruzer99

    Looking for a Vette Transporter

    Can anyone recommend a transporter to move my Vette from Sacramento, Calif to Hickory, N.C. I just get so tired of this sunshine so I thought I would move closer to the mother ship where it was born. Thanks,:beer :w
  6. cruzer99

    AA/F ref to a Z06 (sort-of)

    Just thought this was fun reading.......... "Acceleration" Defined...(per the Keith Black engine builder Web site) One top fuel dragster 500 cubic Hemi engine makes more horsepower than the first four rows of stock cars at the Daytona 500. Under full throttle, a dragster engine consumes 1-1/2...
  7. cruzer99

    Powder Coated Brake Calipers

    Check out these calipers I found for C5's. www.leftcoastinnovations.com :beer :w
  8. cruzer99

    Firestone Firehawk SZ50 EP RFT

    Anyone have input on these tires? Any good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks, :w
  9. cruzer99

    Lumbar Motor on Power Seat

    On my 99, the power seat switch went bad and caused the lumbar motor to run for about 20 min straight. I replaced the seat switch and discovered that the lumbar motor would still run but the pump inside had burned out. When I asked the dealer he said the pump will only last a few min of...
  10. cruzer99


    Oh no.........
  11. cruzer99

    Power Antenna Replaced

    I rebuilt my power antenna this week and saved about $100 on parts plus labor. If anyone needs to know the tricks I would be more than happy to share.
  12. cruzer99

    Power Antenna

    My power antenna is not working. The motor works fine but the antenna does not move. I know the problem is the plastic shaft that moves the antenna up and down has some teeth knocked off due to age and cold weather. The question is does anyone know where I can get the repair kit that was...
  13. cruzer99

    Code Question

    Can anyone shed some light on these two codes B0361 and B0441? I beleive they are related to my AC or AC vents. The AC blows cool but not what I would call COLD air. Thanks,:beer :w
  14. cruzer99

    A/C condenser drain

    Can the drain, which is plugged solid, be gotten too on a 99 by removing the battery? I believe the hose is about 3/8 in diameter, correct? If I can't get at it other than under the car, what is the best way to remove the hose without breaking it or what it is connected to, or can it be cleaned...
  15. cruzer99

    AC Condenser drain

    I noticed today that my AC didn't leave a puddle under the car when I parked in the garage. Can someone explain where and how to check the drain hose? It's a 99 conv. Thanks, From what I understand, the drain on the passenger side and it gets pluged or the drain hose comes off. Anyone know...
  16. cruzer99

    Flip up/down covers

    Does anyone know if the small spring loaded covers on a convertible, located on both sides just behind the doors, can have the springs repaired or replaced. The springs on both of mine are broke so I have to flip them down by hand when the top is put down. No big deal but it would be nice to...
  17. cruzer99

    Remote entry question

    I am in need of a second remote and a friend offered to sell me his. It is the same year (99) and the same passive type remote. The question is can it be re-programed for my car by going through the procedure in the owners manual? Thanks, Ron
  18. cruzer99

    C6 Advertized on TV tonight

    FYI...Just saw the C6 on a Chevy commerial on TV along with some other new models. looks nice to say the least. To me this suggest that the C6 will be available in 04. Lets all hope.........:beer ;worship :m :Steer Happy New Year
  19. cruzer99

    Warranty and the Factory

    After reading all of the threads on things that go wrong and the dealings you have to go through with SOME dealers, it seems that one way to minimize the heartburn would be to make a list of the most common and repeated problems on the Forum and give it to your service manager before the...
  20. cruzer99

    C5 Battery

    Hi all, I am looking at moving from my 82 Collector to a 00 or 01 C5. I have heard many stories about the factory battery always leaking fluid on to the main CPU under the battery (real smart place to put it), and causing many intermittent electrical problems. I was told to switch to the jell...
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