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  1. LLC5

    What The Hell

    So apparently Rob is pushing Corvette Central and Vettetube by flooding the site? I personally don't agree with this tactic.
  2. LLC5

    News: What the hell, no c8 chatter......

    It's been almost 48 HRS since the launch and no real opinion on the Good, Bad, or Ugly? Lets' tear it apart, or build it up! What are everyone's impressions?
  3. LLC5

    BBC Top Gear is back...

    Sort of. Clarkson, Hammond, and May are on Amazon internet on a show called The Grand Tour and it is free with my Prime membership, so it may cost to watch if your not subscribed. The first season has about 4 episodes in it so far, and it is new every Friday. It's just like they never left...
  4. LLC5

    GM Bankruptcy question

    I have asked this question before, but never recieved an answer. 1) Does anyone know if GM and Chrysler have to legally pay back the billions that were given to them by Obama before their bankruptcy, or is the debt wiped clean and they are NOT legally required to pay it back?
  5. LLC5

    Polishing stainless steel

    Has anyone found a way to polish stainless steel to make it look like chrome/near chrome, if so what product did you use?
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