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    Question: 91' Callaway Corvette $$$ ???

    Hi all, I have an opportunity to purchase a 91' Callaway. Blue with the white stripe. I have not yet seen the car but will be checking it out this weekend. According to the owner that inherited the car it is in great shape with about 55K miles. Could anyone give me an idea what it may be worth...
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    Just installed a new stereo and a oil pressure gage fitting & pressure line. Put everything back together and when I started the car the wiper cowl opened up and the wiper override warning light went on. Did I get into something under the hood or dash that may have caused this? Where is this...
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    What's it Worth? 68 Drop Top, #'s Match!

    I'm trying to put an approximate value on a numbers matching 68' drop top with a 327 and 4sp trans. The car started out red on red but was repainted some time ago and is now blue with silver interior. The car has a 350 crate engine in it but comes with the original (40K miles) 327. Interior is...
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