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  1. jrose7004

    Back in the saddle again....

    Good luck on your project!
  2. jrose7004

    Back in the saddle again....

    Personally I'd keep looking!
  3. jrose7004

    Good Morning all...

    Welcome to the CAC!
  4. jrose7004

    Fng here not new to Corvettes

    Welcome to the CAC Denny and good luck with your project!
  5. jrose7004

    New Members: Welcome to the Corvette Action Center!

    Welcome to the CAC Bruce!
  6. jrose7004

    New Member

    Welcome to the CAC!
  7. jrose7004

    New to Corvetts

    Welcome to the CAC! Good luck with your project!
  8. jrose7004

    C7 vs C5 design

    When you finally buy a Vette, that model will become your favorite!
  9. jrose7004

    Sold for 1.3 Million

    I think that the money goes to charity so I'm sure he would give it anyway.
  10. jrose7004

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the CAC!
  11. jrose7004

    Question: 2023 Superman car

    I think that car will hold it's value as well as any of them.
  12. jrose7004

    Sold for 1.3 Million

    Yep, Rick pays big money!
  13. jrose7004

    C5 body mod

    Tiger Shark had both a front and rear facia replacement for a C5 that didn't look bad but I hate those headlights.
  14. jrose7004

    Tuna's Fleet

    Which one will I see on today's cruise?
  15. jrose7004

    A sad quality

    I don't want a Ferrari.
  16. jrose7004

    Husband's Manhood Comes into Question Over Corvette Purchase

    My wife didn't really have a choice in the matter because I had a Street Rod when she married me and I've either had a Street Rod, Corvette or Race Car every since.
  17. jrose7004


    Welcome to the CAC!
  18. jrose7004

    New Guy

    Welcome to the CAC!
  19. jrose7004

    New owner 1997 C5 Sebring silver manual

    Welcome to the CAC Jay!
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