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  1. Lil_Star's 79 Vette

    1979 corvette steering column loose?

    My 79 corvette steering column is loose where it tilts. any ideas?
  2. Lil_Star's 79 Vette

    Question: howling rear end noise

    When I let off the gas, going faster than 50mph I am getting a loud howling noise coming from the rear end. I know possi's are generally a little louder but this seems quite loud. I have been told it is most likely the pinion bearing and not the gears. Is this true? and how easy would this be to...
  3. Lil_Star's 79 Vette

    Cranks but wont start....

    My 79 Vette now will crank but wont start. It all started when I was coming back from the store. I was at a stop light and the car started stumbling. The next stop light is stalled out and the next (yah a lot of stop lights to get to my house) it stalled twice. I popped it into Netrual and...
  4. Lil_Star's 79 Vette

    Right Coast Car Show.

    :) Is anybody going to the Right Coast Show in Syracuse, Ny?? There is normally like 5,000 cars there. This is my 3rd year going but my 1st with my own car. I hope to see some other Vettes there.
  5. Lil_Star's 79 Vette

    Alarm Issues

    ;shrug Ok My husband was putting my whole drivers door back together and we are not sure why my factory alarm isn't working properly. See as far as I remeber you are suppose to be able to arm the car by turning toward the back of the car. But when we do that it clicks and then goes off with the...
  6. Lil_Star's 79 Vette

    Horn Button Removal

    :confusedOk I am a first timer at this and I haven't had my vette very long so I am learning.. But what is the best way to remove my horn button without ruining it. I have a new steering wheel for it and I have a steering wheel puller but I just don't know how to start this process please help...
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