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    Turn signals

    Maybe someone can help me with this....My turn signals quit working suddenly for no aparent reason. I checked the fuse box for anything blown and all was well there but installed all new 'glow' fuses while I was there. Everything else works including the hazard flashers. Could this problem be...
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    Q-jet wanted

    Looking for a 78/79 Q-jet for automatic with A/C & Cruise linkage prefered.
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    Help! Oil Pan Gaskets

    Finally finishing up engine resto over the winter and getting ready to install the oil pan. As I now see it, I might have trouble with the end seals moving around during installation. I read to put a small amount of adhesive on the seals so they will stay in place but I wish to use a small...
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    Question: Oil Pan Blues

    Need to remove oil pan on my 78 Automatic...clean, repaint and install new gaskets. Looks like i'm gonna have to remove the P.S. cylinder and related rods to get it out. I removed the trans underpan and dropped the rear of oil pan down but only so far,, the front half hit the top of the steering...
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    WTB....1978 t-top hold down straps and hardware for rear compartment (dk.blue) and also a power antenna body bezel.;help
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    WTB Oil Pan

    Wanted...Nice original 1978 L82 oil pan.;help Thanks ...Rich
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    Pace Car Owners Manual

    This manual is near perfect with no curled, smudges, or dog-eared pages. The book is a 96 to 98 percent-er. All pages/cards are intact and clean with no writings. I paid 32 dollars for it, that's what i'm asking plus (actual) postage of about two dollars. It will be wrapped in foam between...
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    Super amps !!

    Cruising down the road today and thought I heard a strange whine coming from the engine bay, glanced at the gauges and the amp needle was pegged into the red +. I turned on the radio and headlights and the needle came down some but still reading high. Got it home and into the garage, turned off...
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    ""Bleed Thru""

    Some other members and myself were talking on another thread about oil and other contaminents bleeding through the fiberglass from the underside of the hood causing bubbles in the top paint. I thought it to be a very important subject and started this new thread. Members Phill and Koop has...
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    Hot breath !!

    I am going to return my 78 L82 back to cowl induction like the earlier years. In the meantime my engine will be sucking the hot air that's under the hood. I have removed the over and around factory setup for cooling system service and i'm not going to [place it back....(hate it) A long time...
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    I'm tanked !!

    Trying to remove the coolant expansion tank from under the fender of my 78 w/ AC. At the present time I think I may have to remove the AC plumbing plus the right valve cover. Anyone have the secret to getting these tanks outta their hole? Thanks....Rich
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    Rallyes? Slots? both?

    I love the look of the center cap of a rallye wheel and hate the look of the lugs and cap on my slotted wheel. Has anybody ever thought of installing the center cap of a rallye onto a slotted wheel. I relise there is a difference of lug nuts between steel and aluminum. I have no idea how the...
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    I was fiddlin with the Q-jet not knowing what I was really doing and I was trying to get the idle up on the car and the rpm's weren't responding. My wife was talking with me and I went around the drivers side of car and pulled back on the throttle and "vroom",,,up went the rpm's drastically. I...
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    I gotta dump it !!

    www.guaranteedcarbs.com Has anyone ever used these folks in the above link?? I was going to rebuild it myself but I just can't find the time and it IS summer!! Thanks....new guy Alex;help
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    Greetings from the Midwest

    I just retired from 42 years in dentistry and needed something to keep me busy.:D...Aha,,an old corvette is just the ticket. ;shrug I'll be around bending your ears alittle;help.....Alex
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