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    6 speed Swap

    I would like to swap my 700r4 out for a 6 speed manual. Anyone done this? Any write ups? Pics? Links? I'm leaning towards the Richmond ROD, but I'm really not aware of too many other available options. Is it the ZF 6 that came stock in the manual C4's after the DN 4+3? What other 6 speed...
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    Bypassing Ignition Lock?

    Hello all! Does anyone know a way to bypass the ignition lock tumbler to get the auto trans into neutral? My ignition key will no longer fully enter or engage the lock, therefore I cannot start the car or get it into neutral so I can get it on a flatbed to get the car to my repair shop...
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    Riddle Me This?

    I'm searching for clues on this one... I've been having trouble with my ignition system lately and I can't pinpoint the cause. If the car is running, the idle will get jumpy and cause the digital speedometer to read zero, while the car is moving. At the same time if the A/C in on it stops...
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    91 L98 Spark Control

    Hello All! It's been a while since I've posted. For some time now I've been getting the "Service Engine Soon" warning intermittently (comes on and off every few minutes, stays on from start up, or doesn't come on at all) almost every day in the Vette. Although I can't recall the code, when my...
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    Parts is Parts

    I'm a firm believer that except for some exclusive Vette only parts, that companies like Ecklers, Mid America, and Corvette Central are rudely over-priced. I'm a "Working Man", and I drive my Vette everyday. I lack the luxury of just having my car rebuilt for me. (Where's the fun in that...
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    Floating Voltage

    I'm looking for some insite to my voltage issue. With the Air Conditioning turned off my meter usually stays steady around the 13v range. When I turn the AC on, the meter jumps around (floats) bouncing from 14v to 9v and everywhere in between. I understand that there is a larger draw on the...
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    Drivers door won't open!

    When I got home tonight, I parked , unlocked the doors with the power locks, went for the handle and nothing happened. After I got out the passenger side, I tried every combination to try to get the door open. both inside and the outer handle are intact and I can hear the parts making noise back...
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    How Hard?

    I want to replace the front rotors and pads on my '91. I have done this before on a couple other vehicles but I have never even had the rims off the Vette. Is there anything special or unique about the brakes on the front of my car (such as being four piston calipers) that would prevent a...
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    SYS flashing on Speedo

    I recently replaced my factory stereo with an aftermarket CD player and I was aware that I would be getting a SYS warning signal from the ECM. This is due to the LCD panel and the dimmer connections no longer being hooked up on the factory harness. I was fortunate enough to obtain info (thanks...
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    Need Help Now

    I'm installing new door switches in the '91. the replacement parts have the same little peg in the middle of the button as the old ones. The only difference is on the new ones the peg sticks out a lot further. Is this part adjustable? I thought it would set itself in when the door got reclosed...
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    Exhaust for Dummies/Fuel Leakage

    I'm curious about the layout of the stock exhaust system on my '91. 1.OK, so on the front Y-pipe there are two units, I'm guessing these are the "pre-cats"?, and then in the tunnel below the driveshaft is the main "cat" ? which connects in front of the rear Y-pipe. When it comes time to replace...
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    Smoothing the ride

    I'm looking for useful shock absorber suggestions for my '91. My car is still running the original Bilstien shocks (base suspension) and there is just over 75k on the odometer. The ride is getting a little rough and I think new units are in order. I have no plans to race or do any autocrossing...
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    Craving Input

    Does anyone know where I can dig up some info (on the web) on the 4L60 Automatic Transmission ( RPO# MD8) ?
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    Possible dumb question????

    Another thread I just read got me thinking about my Mass Airflow Sensor. I had assumed that it was located between the air filter box and the throttle body. Is this different on the '91? The other day I removed the air intake filter box and duct assembly up to the throttle body for cleaning...
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    Tranny Slipping

    Last night on my way home, while doing about 40mph in traffic, gave the car some throttle to maintain my speed and the revs came up but the car wasn't accelerating. transmission was slipping.(It's an Automatic) I cautiously made it the other 5 miles home and tried not to go into "Pi$$ed Off...
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    My alarm just went off. Again

    For the second time now my alarm has been set off without provocation. Just happened about ten minutes ago and last saturday afternoon while I was at work. What's the deal? Spiderman :w :_rock
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    Some unknown RPO codes?

    Hello everyone! I have finally got around to researching the RPO's on my car and there are a few that I don't know. I was hoping someone out there with their infinite wisdom would have this missing information. :D The codes I don't know are: BGR E5Z E9Z MXO R8T V73 1AY 1SA 10U 90I 909 Alright...
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    Stereo bracket cover thing??????

    I am going to install an in-dash CD player/AM-FM stereo (non Bose) on the '91 but I don't know where to get the plate that will cover the area where the larger stock cassette player resides in the dash. So does anyone know where I can get one of those plates or does it need to be fabricated...
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    The wait is over!

    Just came home with my first Vette! :D :D :D 1991 white coupe courtesy of "H & H Corvttes" in Fern Park (Orlando), FL. Best Vette dealer I've found in Florida. The car is on their website http://hnhcorvette.com if anyone wants to check it out. I opted for stock rims instead of the BBS wheels...
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