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  1. ICOMP

    Rear End Howling

    My '04 coupe has nearly 90K miles under its belt and quite a while back I started noticing a howl coming from the rear of the car when driving along that got more pronounced as the car moved faster. I dismissed it as tire noise as the GS-D3's on the care had nearly 60K miles on them. Just put...
  2. ICOMP

    Tire Preferences

    It's time for the third set of tires for my '04 coupe. I replaced the factory Goodyear Eagles five years ago with Goodyear GS-D3's on Hib Halverson's advising. Loved them and got tremendous mileage. Apparently they are no longer available or I would buy another set. So now the question is what's...
  3. ICOMP

    Driver Seat Memory

    Has anyone experienced problems with their C6 driver seat slowly repositioniong while the car is being driven? I know this sounds odd, but for some reason I must reposition the seat at least once in a half hour commute. Hey...I haven't gained that much weight!!
  4. ICOMP

    Time for a Tune Up?

    Hello! My '04 Coupe is on the verge of 70,000 miles. It stll runs great, but the engine has never seen a tune up to date. I've kept up with the standard oil and fiter changes and drivetrain lubricants. My question is, when is it time for a full fledged tune up, and what do I want to have done...
  5. ICOMP

    Another Service Column Lock Question

    I'm sure that everyone is getting tired of mining this issue back up, but I have more questions, and I hope that someone can give me good advice. First, today I realized that it's been a long while since the column has actually locked on my '04 coupe. Is this a symptom of low voltage? Second...
  6. ICOMP

    Question: "Check Column Lock"

    I just started getting this message on the DIC of my '04 coupe. Anyone ever had this pop up and is the car safe to drive?
  7. ICOMP

    Hydralic Clutch Fluid / Clutch Slip

    Help! After bringing our '07 Z51 out of its winter mothballs we found that it was difficult to get the car in gear. On the last drive we started noticing that the clutch would slip when under power or accelerating. I've just checked the hydralic reservoir and the fluid is gone. Is it safe to...
  8. ICOMP

    '07 C6 Clutch Slip Issue

    The clutch in our '07 Z51 has begun to slip for some reason, I don't drive this car much, it is my wife's car, and she drives it on a pretty limited basis. After breaking it out of mothballs from the winter season, I noticed that it was becoming more difficult to get the car into reverse when...
  9. ICOMP

    When to do tune up.

    My '04 coupe just turned past 50K miles. Outside of regularly schedule oil and air filter changes and chassis lubes. There's never been any engine work and it's still performing well. I am noticing that the engine sometimes hesitates to fire up on the first key turn. Is it time for a tune up...
  10. ICOMP

    Replacement Door Stickers

    We recently had to have the driver side door replaced on our '07 Z51. The repair shop did a fantastic job, but said there was no way to get reproduction / replacement factory door stickers to bring the car back to its original condition. Does anyone know if these can be ordered from GM and if so...
  11. ICOMP

    Reputable C6 Body Repair

    Sadly, our '07 C6 is in need of body repair. The damage is limited to the driver side door, and is pretty substantial. The car has been kept in showroom condition, and I need a line on a repair shop that can restore it to it's original state. Anyone know of a shop in the Cincinnati or...
  12. ICOMP

    Dead Battery and Doors Locked

    Uncovered our '07 Z51 today with the happy expectation of driving it for the first time in a ew months. Sadly it wouldn't start. Had to go back into the house for a minute and when I went to open the hood to access the battery, I found that the doors to the car had locked and won't open. Since I...
  13. ICOMP

    '04 BOSE CD/Radio Question

    I have the single disc unit. Is this the same unit as in the '02? ICOMP
  14. ICOMP

    '04 Radio Problem

    The cd player in my '04 coupe seems to have suffered catastrophic failure! It only seldom takes a disc without ejecting it. When this occurs the "err" message comes up in the display. When it accepts the disc, theres a loud distortion and the disc speed seems to slow down and speed up. I'm...
  15. ICOMP

    '07 C6 Transparent Roof Panel Cracking

    The transparent roof panel on my '07 C6 is beginning to crack at the driverside front corner. The car only has 4000 miles on it and the roof panel has only been off of the car a couple of times and never abused. Has anyone else experienced this and does it fall under warranty? ICOMP
  16. ICOMP

    C5 Manual Shifter Replacement

    I'm looking for advice on which shifter I should buy to replace the stock piece in my 2004 C5. I'm told that the short throw GM C6 shifter will work...Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated...
  17. ICOMP

    Another Active Handling Question

    I've been experiencing issues with the handling system activating periodically even when I'm driving in a straight line. I've noticed that it seems to happen more frequently when I have the climate contol turned on in the car. On checking, there are no current TCS codes present, but there is a...
  18. ICOMP

    The truth about tires

    I need to replace the oem tires on my '04 coupe. I drive the car in year round in dry weather. Would like to but something that performs as well as factory tires but maybe quieter. Is there such a tire out there? Jim
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