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    1984 - No dash lights at night?

    I have an 84 that just developed a strange problem. My cluster is nice and bright during the day (car only has 26k original miles) all gauges read correct, when night time falls or when I cover the light sensor I can barely see my gauges - did I blow a fuse? I turn the the light dimmer switch...
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    1984 C4 AC - Self Induced Problem - Need Parts

    I replaced my AC compressor in my 84, in the process I cracked the compressor mounting bracket - looking for a used one, anyone know where one can be located. Also on the back of the compressor there was a single wire connector (not the double that unthreads) I believe this connector is for the...
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    Help! 4+3 Gone South

    My 84 Vette with 24k miles had been making some what of a whining noise over the last month, thought it may have been the tires, but it went away when overdrive was engaged. Yesterday the noise was 10x worse, doesn't want to drop in OD and now no reverse. I've seen reference to a bearing...
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    1984 Crossfire Modifications - Performance

    I just picked up an 84 with a manual tranny with only 23k miles on it. Anyone have a list of simple mods that can be easily done to get a little more HP? Car runs like new, just looking to add a little get up and go. Thanks!
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