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  1. steves74

    Question: where to find fender well trim ??

    I know there is a manufacturer around that makes either stainless steel or chrome fender well trim. But I can't remember who it is. Please help.:duh
  2. steves74

    Looking for promo of my 74 coupe

    Anyone? Any place? Any help? thanks...:beer
  3. steves74

    WTB Kick Panels

    For my 74. Any color. I am going to cut holes in them for speakers and paint black. Can get new repos for 75 shipped and was hoping to pay less. Include shipping to 96023. Thanks
  4. steves74

    Question: WTB Alum Valve Covers for my 74 SB

    Tell me what you have with pic and price shipped to 96023. Thanks... I have paypal and other methods of payment.:beer
  5. steves74

    Question: Subwoofer in the back of C3

    I am working on a stereo for my 74 coupe. Would like a subwoofer and speakers behind the rear wheel wells. Anybody done this? Any ideas? What about a subwoofer in the jack compartment? Any pics? THANKS:_rock
  6. steves74

    What C3 books for Ref. Library ?

    I am new to corvettes. I have a 74. What's the basic C3 reference books should I have. I have the original owners manual and the original shop manual. Wheres a good source to purchase these books? Anybody have any books they want to sell? THANKS;help steve
  7. steves74

    Advice needed on rebuilding parking brake

    Can anybody give me some advice on rebuilding my parking brakes. The parking (only on drivers side) brake sticks when I back up, so I quess I need to overhaul. See that I have to drill out rivets on rotor. What size drill? Any other advice??? Thanks .....steve:confused
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